IntelliChief ECM Capture Enterprise Reduces Document Management Cost

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise is a reliable way to reduce document management costs.

If you’re manually entering documents into your ERP, that’s time that you could be spending elsewhere. Capture Enterprise offers an easy way to import your data, with minimal effort from your team.

Automated Document Capture

IntelliChief’s automated document capture solutions take the most time-consuming steps out of the document management process. Capture Enterprise:

The solution is created for ease of use with minimal instruction needed. That means that the cost of training & implementation is refreshingly low. And once it’s up and running? Most users see a 70 percent (or greater) reduction in the amount of manual data entry that they do.

Here’s how Capture Enterprise makes form processing a breeze.

Other Advantages of Capture Enterprise

Additional features include:

  • Configurable actions and rules-based criteria.
  • Multi-language recognition
  • Automated document classification
  • ERP-integrated data validations
  • Customization business rules & formatting for company-specific processes
  • Barcode processing capabilities
  • Full text and zonal identification for structured and unstructured documents
  • Real-time monitoring and advanced reporting/management tools
  • Database lookups, as well as calculations and check-sums to ensure accurate data

Areas of use include Accounting (both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable), Finance, Purchasing, Customer Service, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Logistics/Distribution, Operations, and other paper and process-intensive departments. This way, one solution can provide you with time and cost savings throughout your entire organization.

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