IntelliChief Version 4.2 Now Includes Enhanced Invoice Matching Capabilities

IntelliChief has released additional updates to version 4.2. These updates support enhanced invoice matching capabilities, allowing for faster and more accurate Accounts Payable automation, and a more streamlined user interface.

New Invoice Matching Methods

IntelliChief now includes multiple automated Match Methods. The receiving quantity can qualify an exact match based on first in, first used, or a combination of both. This processing can occur during both document capture and workflow, providing additional safeguards to increase accuracy.

IntelliChief keeps track of an open purchase order quantity as well as the receiving quantity; information is saved when an invoice line item is matched to a PO or receiver. This can then be set to identify documents by purchase order number, item number/ID, unit price, line total, quantity ordered, quantity received, or two miscellaneous fields of the users’s choice.

New Invoice Tolerance Settings

Users can now set custom options for a variance percent, amount, and type for invoice-to-PO-matching fields (such as unit price, line total, and quantity.)

Automatic Unit of Measure and Part Number Conversions

IntelliChief can now perform unit of measure conversions independently, and cross-reference part numbers across multiple databases. This helps increase the straight-through processing rate, reducing the number of invoices that a processors has to manually review.

Enhanced Workflows for Manual Matching

When an invoice cannot be successfully verified, it’s sent to a user for a manual review. The latest version of IntelliChief enables faster manual matching, in both the Capture Enterprise Verify Window and the IntelliChief System Workbench. Users are provided with enhanced purchase order and receiver information; they can easily select one or more receivers to match to an invoice line item. If the system determines that the manual match is potentially incorrect, it displays a warning message prompting the user to confirm the match.

GL coding options are also included in the Manual Matching window.

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