IntelliChief-Eclipse Document Lifecycle Management

What does your document management strategy look like? Do you have a designated method in place for managing your purchase orders, shipping documents, customer invoices, and other documents?

If not, DocOrigin gives you a simple way to format and save your documents based on specific requirements. Meanwhile, IntelliChief helps you save them in a secure digital archive, then retrieve them at a moment’s notice. And, you’re even able to link your saved content to new, inbound documents like vendor invoices and customer orders.

IntelliChief, LLC and Eclipse have paired together to bring you a solution that can manage your entire document lifecycle, from document creation to document processing to document management.  That means you can take things a step further, improving your strategy for moving documents through your organization.

If you pass documents from department to department via printed-out files, inter-office mail, or even emails, you’re facing a lack of control and visibility. You’re also missing out on the benefits of automation.

Using software to automatically route your documents through your business processes – whether that’s for approving invoices or processing customer orders – allows you to:

  • Speed up your communications
  • Keep important documents from getting lost
  • Enforce your company’s custom rules and procedures without any effort

And, with the control of an automated workflow comes critical visibility into operations. You can instantly report on the flow of information throughout your organization, helping you make more timely and informed decisions as a company.

To learn more about IntelliChief, see the Resource Library featuring peer-to-peer department-specific applications, or contact us today.