IntelliChief Capture Enterprise

You’ve heard that it’s possible to capture your business documents electronically. You’ve also heard how much it can improve your workflow. But how does the process work?

IntelliChief Capture EnterpriseAt IntelliChief, we’ve carefully designed a collection of document management & workflow automation products that sync directly with your ERP. This allows you to achieve major speed and accuracy improvements across your entire organization.

And the technology behind those improvements?

It all starts with IntelliChief Capture Enterprise, our OCR software that automates the collection of data from your documents. It reads the individual letters and numbers on your paper files, then converts it into machine-readable text. Your content becomes much more usable – with much less effort from your team. Costly and labor-intensive document preparation is put to an end, and the indexed information is sent directly into your workflow streams. Your information is re-purposed throughout your organization, for the fiscal benefit of your business.

The front end (Capture Enterprise) takes care of the back end (your ERP). This streamlined approach to document processing is a gateway to workflows that actually “flow”.

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