IntelliChief Analytics – Visibility Throughout Automated Workflow Cycles

Tim Nissen | IntelliChief Analytics – Visibility Throughout Automated Workflow Cycles.

IntelliChief ECM’s IntelliChief Analytics provides you greater visibility throughout automated workflow cycles, facilitating informed, cash flow-impacting decisions throughout your organization.

A multilingual-supporting business intelligence platform, IntelliChief Analytics features scalable, ready-made and as-you-like-it self-service dashboards and reporting, delivering data visualizing intuitively with drop-and-drag simplicity. This provides convenient access to interdepartmental transaction workflows.

With IntelliChief Analytics you’re able to publish your most powerful insights, delivering them across your enterprise. You and your staff can see, interact with and share visualizations across multiple data sources, projects and transactions in a single, consolidated view.

To delve deeper into data and discover new insights, you can bring your colleagues into analytic conversations with curated visualizations. IntelliChief Analytics increases efficiency by providing individualized views of the insights and metrics that are most important to you, and to those you’re sharing the information.

Common areas of use include Accounting (both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable), Finance, Sales, Customer Service Logistics/Distribution, and other paper and process-intensive departments, supporting process time and cost savings.

IntelliChief Analytics simplify data complexity and makes your information useful for analysis, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. With IntelliChief Analytics, less time is spent preparing data, making more time to analyze it, to quickly uncover insights beneficial to your organization.

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