Automated Approvals Speed Up Your Document-Driven Workflows

IntelliChief’s document management system now includes auto-approval convenience. Instead of processing every single document individually, you can move through more projects (and transactions) with less effort.

Automated Document Approvals

This new feature was designed to eliminate repetitive, stand-alone approvals. Now, standard documents can be processed straight-through. This makes your routine workflows faster – and more cost-effective.

As each approval is issued, it’s automatically logged in our back-end reports. That helps you maintain the integrity of your business processes & track each individual workflow as it’s completed.

Need to have something manually approved? Our approval routing software can get the document exactly where it needs to go – without the expense of printing it, shipping it, and waiting for it to be returned. With IntelliChief, you have an easy option for all of your crucial documents.

To see IntelliChief’s convenient new auto-approve workflow optimization enhancement, request a demo here.