IntelliChief Launches Version 3.6

IntelliChief has released new upgrades to its document management & workflow automation software. Version 3.6 provides even more functionality, making it even better for enterprise-level document capture and business process automation.

What’s New in IntelliChief Version 3.6?

  • Temporary User Designations. System users can temporarily assign their access rights to co-workers. When one person is out of the office, collaboration can continue uninterrupted.
  • Document Capture-Phase Notations. As documents are added to IntelliChief’s archive, users can add and edit the information before the file is officially created. This allows all information to be included in your documents. Once a file is created, all information is securely saved – with additional notations captured by on-document postings.
  • Configured Document Search. Users can search for any document by content and type. Convenient indexing fields can be optimized to each user’s specific environment.
  • Individual Internalization. Each user can set their preferred language. New multinational, multilingual environments enhance IntelliChief’s global adaptability.
  • Document Match and Release. Version 3.6 can now match newly-uploaded documents with corresponding documentation that’s presently in the workflow. This improves routing, collaboration, and approval speed.
  • Timed Notifications. Users can schedule workflow action notifications at a time of their choosing to better accommodate their schedule. You can still send individual notifications as they happen – or you can work around business hours as you prefer.
  • Spooled File Templates. This update – specifically for use with iSeries-platform ERPs – adds more flexibility for document selection & import inclusion. IntelliChief can now output spooled file documents as text pages, containing all processing profile and index values, and import them directly into IntelliChief. This streamlines the interaction between IntelliChief and your ERP.

To see the newest features of our workflow automation software in action, request a demo of IntelliChief here.