Infor Solutions from IntelliChief

IntelliChief offers comprehensive solutions for Infor content management and workflow automation. With a single investment, you can increase productivity, reduce your operating costs, and directly improve core KPIs – across every level of your business.

Use Infor More Efficiently

Anywhere you use Infor, IntelliChief can help you do so more efficiently. Our software integrates with XA, M3, Lawson, and other applications in real time, allowing you to effortlessly sync your data across disparate business systems. It also includes options for:

With IntelliChief, you can spend less time on manual data entry and administration. You have more resources to allocate to revenue-driving projects, and can complete a higher volume of work at a quicker pace.

Data Entry Solutions for Infor

Our data entry solutions can collect essential data from your business documents, then send it directly to Infor. The information is validated against your data tables, and the documents are moved into the corresponding workflows. This helps you eliminate data entry errors and ensure continuous access to your latest business information.

Infor Solutions

Workflow Automation Solutions for Infor

With workflow automation, you can process your orders, pay your suppliers, and complete other core business processes much more quickly.  Our software can take care of your most time-consuming Infor workflows behind the scenes, helping you match and pay your invoices, process your purchase orders, and even report on your corporate financials with minimal user input.

Document Retrieval Solutions for Infor

With all of your documents stored electronically, your employees can access any record they need without leaving their Infor screens. (For instance, they can retrieve invoices and purchase orders from the Accounts Payable application, or engineering change requests from Networked Order Management.) There’s no need to search for the original document, or – if your business is based out of multiple locations – send your records from one office to the next.

Discover Our Enterprise-Level Infor Solutions

You can use IntelliChief in any department that uses Infor – from Procure to Pay and Order to Cash to HR and Customer Service. A single integrated solution makes it easy to address a variety of challenges across your entire enterprise. (To see how other customers have used our Infor solutions, take a look through our Resource Library.)

As an Infor Solution Partner, we can use our extensive technical expertise to guide you through your transformation. Our Professional Services team has completed a number of Infor automation projects, and understands how to successfully sync our solutions with your technical infrastructure. We’ll customize your implementation to meet your company’s unique needs, helping you start working smarter right away.

To learn more about our content management and workflow automation solutions for Infor, contact us today.