Infor Automation – Speed Up Your Business Processes With IntelliChief

Infor Automation

Infor automation helps you spend less time on repetitive processes. You can complete certain tasks – such as invoice matching and sales order processing – without any effort from your team while eliminating manual data entry. The result? Faster and more accurate processes, lower operating costs, and more resources to spend on revenue-driven projects.

Integrated Solutions for Infor Process Automation

IntelliChief can help you streamline any data-driven process. Our most common use cases include:

Our solutions can also be used for customer service, audit preparation, procurement, and job cost accounting. Anywhere you’re spending too much time collecting paperwork, processing data, and manually entering information into your Infor applications, IntelliChief can help.

Real-Time Integrations

Our approach to automation centers on enterprise content management. The information that’s passed from you to your customers – or to you from your suppliers – can be used to streamline corresponding processes in Infor. As this information is received, our platform collects it in real-time, then sends it directly to your ERP.

IntelliChief is an Infor Solution Partner, and the only enterprise content management system sold by Infor to integrate with their core applications. (Our solution supports XA, LX, System 21 and other Infor modules). The moment you receive an invoice, purchase order, change request, employment application, or other important documents, IntelliChief automatically moves it into the corresponding workflow. Because you’re not collecting, preparing, and processing each document by hand, everything moves much more quickly – helping you keep up with the never-ending demands of your business.

Configurable Rules and Workflow Conditions

With IntelliChief, you can configure custom business rules for each workflow. You plan out what each sequence should look like, and our software takes care of the rest. Every step is completed in the correct order, without the risk of errors or delays.

Our software can automate certain processes from end to end. However, when something requires a user’s input, natural language prompts tell them exactly what they need to do (and when). Users can complete their tasks from a mobile device – even if they don’t have direct access to the Infor ERP– and parallel processing even lets multiple users complete different tasks at the same time.

Infor Automation for Accounts Payable

Because Accounts Payable is such a common candidate for automation, we designed an out-of-the-box application for AP workflows. This solution is easy to deploy, helping you get started as soon as possible.

As you receive your supplier invoices, IntelliChief can retrieve the data that’s needed for a two- or three-way match. If everything is correct, that invoice can be processed straight through – without any input from your team. (If there’s a minor discrepancy, our software can take automatic steps to resolve it, helping you complete more of your procure to pay workflows straight through.)

If something needs to be manually reviewed, the relevant information is sent directly to your Accounts Payable team. Your processors can handle the exceptions as they normally would, but without having to search for the information in Infor. Even though your exception handling process can’t be automated in its entirely, it can be made much easier for your team.

Learn more about our solutions for Infor AP automation.

Infor Automation for Order Processing

IntelliChief can also help you automate your order processing and fulfillment workflows. When customers send in their purchase orders, our software can send the information to your production team, while updating Infor electronically. You don’t have to manually create new sales orders using the data from the customer’s original paperwork. Your customers receive their products more quickly, and you don’t have to worry about data entry errors.

Learn more about our solutions for Infor order processing automation.

Discover Our Other Potential Use Cases for Infor Automation

With our enterprise-level solutions, you can expand your Infor automation initiatives across your entire organization. You can scale at your own pace, without having to invest in new technologies.

Our drag-and-drop Workflow Designer lets you easily automate new processes or update your existing workflows without any custom coding. You can have your business analysts, process owners, or operations team update your tasks without having to involve IT.  Meanwhile, your IT department doesn’t have to support a complex network of point solutions or introduce each department to a new interface and technical support plan. (If you migrate to a new ERP in the future, IntelliChief can easily bring your data with you.)

To learn more about IntelliChief, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library to see how other customers have streamlined their operations with Infor automation.