Infor Accounts Payable Automation

Automate invoice processing in Infor LX, XA, BPCS, LN, and more

Infor Accounts Payable automation helps you spend less time on invoice processing and ERP administration. With IntelliChief’s solutions, you can have new invoices automatically added to your accounting module, allowing your team to review, approve, and code them in seconds – or even have them processed straight through without human intervention.

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Feature-Rich Solutions for Infor AP Automation

Your Accounts Payable team does things a certain way for a reason. Whether you have a department manager approve any purchase over a certain amount, or conduct an internal audit each year to keep an eye on your spending, you don’t have to change your established approach when you start using IntelliChief. Our team can customize your solution to reflect your current processes while reducing the amount of manual work your team has to complete.

Invoice Capture & Data Entry

Our software is designed for end-to-end AP automation. As each part of your process is completed, IntelliChief automatically moves the invoice to the next step in the sequence. IntelliChief “robots” are designed to mirror the actions taken by your team when manually reviewing and processing an invoice. However, they don’t just replicate these actions, they learn to execute them faster and more efficiently while also keeping monitoring for discrepancies and exceptions.

As invoices arrive, Capture Enterprise can save them to an electronic repository; no need to send them to a centralized location for processing. It can monitor any email address or fax network that you use to communicate with your suppliers, importing each document as it’s received.

For paper-based invoices, all you have to do is scan them in. You don’t need to prepare each document for imaging, or manually enter each vendor, invoice number, due date, or distribution code into Infor. Our software will create an electronic image of each invoice, read the data off of the page using OCR technology, and send the information to your Accounts Payable application.

Invoice Validation

As each invoice is captured, IntelliChief robots compare to the corresponding purchase order and receipt. Your team doesn’t have to manually compare each line item. Instead, the two- or three-way match is completed behind the scenes, using information from your purchase order and receipt tables in your Infor ERP.

Exception Processing

As part of the invoice validation process, our solutions can help you:

  • Convert currencies for international transactions
  • Confirm shipping charges, taxes, and other variable fees that are added after the sale (and make sure they’re properly coded)
  • Normalize units of measure when the ordered quantities are different than the invoiced quantities
  • Convert part numbers when you and your supplier use different codes for the same item

The more you use IntelliChief, the more intelligent it becomes. As you process invoice exceptions, our software “remembers” what you do, allowing it to take the same approach in the future. This increases the number of invoices that the system can process without end-user intervention. The higher your touchless processing rate, the less work that goes into your Accounts Payable cycle.

Invoice Payment

Any time an invoice can be successfully verified (and falls within your tolerances), IntelliChief automatically creates the payment voucher within Infor. Matched invoices go straight through. Your employees don’t have to get involved – and your transactions can be closed out long before they’re due. Click here to see how one Infor user started taking advantage of early payment discounts – and put an end to costly late payment fees – with AP automation.

Invoice Approval Routing

If you need to obtain a manager’s approval before you can pay an invoice, our software can send it to the right person (or people) for review. You can create different approval routes for all types of invoices and temporarily re-route invoices to other users when an approver is out of the office.

Users receive natural language prompts when something needs their attention, and all of the corresponding documents are instantly provided – letting them approve or deny requests in seconds. They can even complete their workflows on mobile and leave electronic notes explaining their reasons for rejection.

Invoice Coding

You can GL code your expense invoices directly from IntelliChief, without having to look up your Chart of Accounts in your Infor ERP. This lets users who don’t have an Infor license provide GL coding for purchases they requested. Once coded, the voucher will be automatically created – the same way that it would for a PO-based purchase.

Increasing Your Straight-Through Processing Rate with Real-Time Integrations

Our AP solutions integrate with Infor in real-time. This means that they always have access to your latest business information, and can use that information to work as efficiently as possible. Because they don’t rely on periodic updates, they know everything there is to know about each open transaction – and can use that knowledge to process more of your transactions straight through.

See How Other Companies are Reducing Their Costs with Infor AP Automation

With IntelliChief completing your most time-consuming tasks, you can have your employees spend more time on revenue-oriented projects. You can also collect more of the vendor incentives that you’re entitled to – achieving a complete return on your investment in as little as one year. To help you get up and running more quickly, we created an Infor AP automation module that can be deployed out of the box, without any major technical modifications from your IT team.

To learn more about Infor AP invoice automation, contact us today. We can help you decide if  Infor Accounts Payable automation is right for you. If you’d like to see how IntelliChief works for yourself, you can schedule a custom demo of our AP automation software.