How to Know Everything (You Need to Know)

Tim Nissen | How to Know Everything (You Need to Know).

With your business projects and transactions, changes are the most challenging aspect to success. Typically, the way something begins is far from the end result’s actuality. It’s during this duration when how to know everything (you need to know) becomes necessary: being able to accurately collect all relevant information needed, and have it conveniently available for decisions.

Capturing initial details of projects and transactions is often thought of as a one-step process: utilize enterprise content management (ECM) to automate data accumulation from paper and electronic formatted documentation, as it becomes available. That is the initial move, though what about what’s left out; additional and updated details that weren’t in the original documents. Arriving later from any stakeholder – staffers, partners or vendors, this information is often the most crucial – the inevitable ‘last-minute-need-to-knows’. Providing flexibility for you to roll with the information flow, there are two phases that together provide the working fix.

Referred to as Creation-Phase Notations, these notes can be added to original documentation during automated capture, prior to standardized digital document files being created for organization and archival, and available for automated workflow. This assures the noted information is included in each digital document throughout its lifecycle.

The other critical point to add information to documentation is during workflow. Often, this is when the most beneficial amendments are made, and where they’re applicable to a project’s success and a transaction’s approval.

These digital document amendments are known as Workflow-Phase Notations, able to be made in both comments-designated fields within the document files, and anywhere on the electronic document itself (think Post-It notes). These familiar yellow attachments can be digitally placed where the notator wants to highlight their update, making it easy for everyone reviewing to understand.

This is it: how to know everything (you need to know), your colleagues included. Death and taxes are considered certainties; late additions to projects and transactions also belongs on this list. ECM enables you and your team to be prepared for this inevitability, and have the ability for it working in your favor.

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