Add Notes to Your Electronic Documents

Many business projects undergo changes before they’re officially called complete. Typically, the way something begins is far from the end result’s actuality. So how do you keep everyone in the loop?

Accurately collecting all relevant information – and making it available to everyone who needs it – can be a struggle. ECM makes it easier.

IntelliChief’s document imaging software captures the initial details of each project and transaction. But when things change, it provides you with the latest updates – adding the newest data as soon as it becomes available.

Additional and updated details that weren’t included in an original document (think: a last-minute engineering change order) gives you real-time access to your crucial “need-to-know”s. It provides flexibility for you to roll with the information flow.

In fact, IntelliChief has two options that – working together – let you share updates and insights with a collaborative team.

  • Creation-phase notations can be added to the original documents when they’re added to your system (and before they’re standardized/archived/added to your workflow). This way, everything you know up from accompanies the record throughout its lifecycle.
  • Workflow-phase notations can be added as you go. You can common within the document files, and anywhere on the electronic document itself. This makes it easy for each user to highlight their updates, showing everyone else on the project what needs to be reviewed.

Death and taxes are considered certainties; late additions to projects and transactions also belongs on this list. ECM enables you and your team to be prepared for this inevitability, and have the ability for it working in your favor.

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