Fiscal Fitness for JDE: Advancing AP and Orders Automation Abilities

Fiscal Fitness for JDE: Advancing AP and Orders Automation Abilities, a presentation by IntelliChief, an Oracle Gold Partner provider of enterprise content management (ECM) for JD Edwards systems, automating documentation capture and management, validating and updating of your JDE-based data, and facilitating workflow in-line with the way your company works.

This presentation covers –

AP automation’s evolving – topics covered include:
•             Reducing costs associated with processing and filing vendor invoices
•             Increase automation and streamline processes via workflow
•             Increasing visibility into the invoice approval and exception handling processes through dashboards and reports
•             Reduce the risk of late payment fees while increasing the amount of early payment discounts.

Automating sales order processing expands ECM’s interdepartmental impact, including:
•             Faster, more accurate order processing, lowering costs to process orders
•             Increased process control and visibility for orders needing to be routed for review, approval or other exception handling
•             Decreasing Days Sales Outstanding
•             Improved Customer Service experiences for customers, and for staff managing each account.

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