Enterprise Workflow Solutions

Optimize the enterprise with unparalleled document processing workflows

If you need to revamp your business processes across your entire organization, enterprise workflow solutions can help. Using the power of technology to streamline your workflows and improve productivity, you’ll be able to enhance multiple aspects of your business and improve your bottom line.

What Is Workflow Software?

Workflow software programs provide the structure for electronically moving “work” from start to finish.  You can “set and forget” the most time-intensive aspects of your business processes, like entering invoices into your ERP system and generating sales orders when a customer sends you a purchase order.

Enterprise workflow solutions are driven by a workflow engine — a pre-coded “script” that tells the program what needs to happen and when. When an action is completed, it triggers the next pre-determined step in the process and so on and so forth until it reaches the appropriate end-user.

When you first set up your software, you can customize your script based on your specific business practices. You can decide:

Enterprise Workflow Solutions

For example, if you use your workflow automation software for invoice processing, you can have each invoice automatically sent to the employee who is assigned to that vendor’s account. The invoices don’t sit in your mailroom, waiting to be collected, and they don’t have to be manually distributed. If at some point during this process a manager’s approval is needed for invoices over a certain dollar amount, you can configure IntelliChief to route the invoice accordingly. Each document is automatically sent where it needs to go without costly delays trapping your invoices in a bottleneck.

Workflow Reminders and Tracking to Help You Meet Your Deadlines

You can program your workflow software to keep your team on track with custom reminders. When you’re dealing with a number of moving parts, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Fortunately, automation tools can keep everything running smoothly. And, there’s never any uncertainty into the status of a project. You’ll have complete visibility into every workflow, at all times. This is one of the major competitive advantages gained by businesses utilizing enterprise information management.

What Kind of Workflows Can You Automate?

Almost any document-driven workflow can be automated, but some software programs are only designed to automate a specific set of processes (like AP workflows or customer service). This is one of the major differentiators between enterprise-level solutions like IntelliChief and single-serving point solutions that lack the ability to scale with your business.

IntelliChief’s workflow automation system can be implemented across your entire organization, but you don’t have to automate everything all at once. IntelliChief can be applied to one or two processes at first, then expanded to other departments as needed to help your business increase efficiency and save money.

You can use IntelliChief’s enterprise workflow solutions for:

  • PO and non-PO invoice processing
  • Sales order processing
  • Purchase requisition approvals
  • Contract approvals
  • Credit approvals
  • Order processing
  • GL coding
  • Capital expenditure requests and approvals
  • Travel expense approvals
  • Recruiting
  • Employee onboarding

Of course, you know your business better than anyone else. You can configure IntelliChief to align perfectly with your proprietary processes — no matter how unique or complex. Plus, you always have the ability to automate additional workflows with our fully scalable solutions.

Workflow Management Within Your ERP

If you’re already using an ERP system for your workflows, you won’t have to change a thing. IntelliChief can integrate with your enterprise resource planning software or line of business system. Your programs will communicate with each other behind the scenes, but your user experience will remain simple, intuitive, and, most importantly, familiar.

If you’re ready to see the difference that automation can make, contact IntelliChief to schedule a demo of our enterprise workflow solutions. We can get you started with a comprehensive suite of workflow management tools that will help you increase productivity and improve your bottom line.