Enterprise Automation Software: Machine Learning Solutions for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Processing, and More

According to Gartner, companies that have invested in artificial intelligence by 2020 will achieve long-term success four times more often than other companies. It’s clear that enterprise automation software is the way of the future – but what does that mean for you?


With the right strategy, you can reduce your operating costs, spend less time on repetitive work, and re-allocate your employees to more important projects. But the “right strategy” can be hard to identify – especially in today’s rapidly changing technological landscape.

At IntelliChief, we’ve been helping companies improve their business processes for more than a decade. Our solutions are designed for the enterprise, helping companies streamline their most important workflows – from order processing to data entry – across every level of their organization.

So how does it work?

Our enterprise automation software can help you:

One investment lets you do all of this (and more) – all while integrating seamlessly with your current network of business systems.

Software that Works the Way That You Work

When you automate your processes, you can remove unnecessary steps (or use technology to complete them) – but you don’t have to change what’s already working. Our software is designed to work the way that you work – whether that’s intelligently processing certain exceptions on your supplier invoices, or sending specific documents to specific departments for an employee’s review.

IntelliChief’s team can help you review your most time-consuming business processes, then design a solution for completing them behind-the-scenes. We can leverage our technologies to:

Machine Learning Capabilities

Most software solutions “are what they are” – which means that they can’t adapt to your needs over time. IntelliChief, on the other hand, uses machine learning to continually produce better results.

As IntelliChief collects information (and receives input from your employees), it becomes more capable of completing your processes independently. The more that you use it, the less you’ll have to rely on your employees to perform menial tasks.

In some instances, our solutions can even handle recurring tasks without any input from your team. For instance, it can complete a two- or three-way AP match using the data that’s already stored in your ERP – processing the vast majority of your invoice straight through. And when an invoice needs to be sent to an employee for exception handling? Our software will remember how you resolved the issue, and repeat that approach the next time it encounters the same error.

The ROI of Enterprise Automation Software

New technologies are a considerable investment – and the results need to justify the cost. But when it comes to enterprise automation software, the payback period can be shorter than you’d think.

In one study, McKinsey Consulting found an initial ROI of up to 200 percent in the first year of implementation. And when it came to long-term “soft” benefits, automation also led to:

  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • More comprehensive customer service
  • An increased capacity for growth-driven workloads

When you’re not relying on employees to complete repetitive, error-prone processes, you face a lower risk of critical mistakes. You can also complete processes at a higher volume as your company grows, without having to hire – or train – additional staff. There’s a much shorter learning curve, and a reliable way to standardize your back office workflows.

Of course, not all automation projects will result in a 200 percent year-one ROI – but the more processes you automate, the more impressive your results can be.

One Solution, Countless Possibilities

A single investment, leveraged multiple ways, is the most cost-effective approach to business process automation. That’s why we designed our solution to scale at any time. You don’t have to support a complex network of point solutions, and you don’t have to go through the implementation process over and over again. Plus, you’ll be able to future-proof your automation strategy, adapting your approach as your needs change.

We know that every company is different – and we’re here to help you tailor your approach to enterprise automation. You can start with one or two core processes, or transform entire departments at once. You can integrate our software with your current technologies, and add new technologies to the integration if you add other programs in the future. How (and when) you want to expand is entirely up to you.

To learn more about our enterprise automation software, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library to see how other companies are transforming their processes with IntelliChief – with a variety of industries and business needs represented among our Success Stories.