Meet Our Editorial Team

At IntelliChief, we’re here to help you make a meaningful impact on your business. That means providing you with the expert information you need to confidently choose new technologies and optimize your business practices.

Our editorial team has decades of experience in the content management industry. Our articles are researched and written by our own team of product experts, then reviewed and published by our company’s executives. Meet the team behind our content:

Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson is IntelliChief’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With almost 20 years of experience in enterprise content management and workflow automation, he has helped more than 200 companies make their operations more efficient with automated technologies. Ken has spoken at several manufacturing and distribution ERP conferences, focusing on Oracle, Infor and JDA Software. He focuses on introducing automation into back office applications, architecting Enterprise Content Management systems, and workflow automation. In addition, he is a Certified Document Imaging Architect through the Computing Technology Industry Association. He has been quoted in IBM Systems Magazine and Fujitsu, among other publications.

Sean Ryland

Sean Ryland is IntelliChief’s Product Manager and Senior Sales Engineer. With degrees in Computer Engineering and Engineering Management, he provides insight into the technical side of IntelliChief’s capabilities. Sean has seven years of experience in enterprise content management and is also a Certified Accounts Payable Associate through the Institute of Financial Operations, allowing him to expertly recommend solutions for AP automation. He is a regular presenter at the JD Edwards Southern California User Group and the JD Edwards Infocus Conference.

Tim Nissen

Tim Nissen is IntelliChief’s Marketing Manager. He specializes in B2B marketing and communications, bringing extensive experience with S&P 500 and entrepreneurial-driven companies in categories including software, energy, manufacturing, commercial real estate and business services. Tim serves on the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Advisory Board, and is a frequent business publication contributor and event presenter.

Faith Kubicki

Faith Kubicki is IntelliChief’s Content Marketing Manager. She has seven years of experience in writing and communications, focusing heavily on technology and business, and is Content Marketing Certified through HubSpot. Her work has been featured by Financial Executives International, Giatec Scientific, Builder Magazine, Veterans Enterprise, and other industry publications.

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