ECM’s HR Resource Resourcefulness

Human Resources and Human Capital Management are among the most document-intensive areas of your organization. You have everything from employee applications to contractor 1099s – and more coming in every day.

Enterprise content management is a valuable resource that lets you be…well…more resourceful.

With ECM, you can automate the information processing activities that your HR department faces every day. At the same time, every record is organized for quick, secure electronic access and long-term archival. It’s a long-term, low-cost approach to managing your HR resources.

5 Ways to Improve Your Approach to Human Capital Management

HR automation all starts with a solution to capture information and re-purpose it for your organization’s business processes. Once this is complete, password-protected access & keyword search features let you access anything you’re looking for from a desktop or mobile device. And then, workflow automation lets you route documents to managers, contractors, and other decision-makers for prompt action.

Ready to get started? You’ll want to think about:

  1. Consolidating documents from every format. HR managers have to deal with both paper-based and electronic documents. You need a solution that can uniformly format & convert paper documents to electronic files with minimal input. From there, that system needs to organize your documents based on specific criteria – giving you a single, searchable system for document storage.
  2. Validating data quickly and with minimal effort. The more quickly you’re able to get information off your paper files (and ensure that it’s correct), the lower your HR costs. And when your documents are stored electronically, the cost of on- and off-site paper file storage is reduced or eliminated.
  3. Integrating your new solution with your Human Capital Management software. The most effective systems can sync data with your HCM database or ERP. This way, you only have to process information once – and it’s automatically updated from there on out.
  4. Improving your interdepartmental workflows. This puts the “enterprise” in ECM. HR connects multiple departments and often involves frustrating information silos. A solution that can help you route your documents, secure approvals, and increase visibility can significantly streamline your internal procedures.
  5. Protecting the integrity and long-term accessibility of your records. If a disaster were to occur, what would happen to your company’s records? Archival is imperative to business continuity through temporary & catastrophic occurrences. It even protects against inadvertent storage errors.

The Need Identified

According to Forester Research, “Human Resources departments typically use 50% of their staff’s time handling manual, mostly paper-driven personnel administrative tasks.”

As the impact of Human Capital Management continues to expand, you and your staff are losing half your time to non-strategic tasks. Your company needs you to focus on more critical contributions. To make this happen, you need to become more resourceful – and IntelliChief is here to help.

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