Speed Up Your Document Management Workflow

When a document comes in to your company, how long do you take to start processing it? In many organizations, paperwork sits – completely un-noticed – for days on end. And after it’s finally picked up, there’s a sudden rush to get it dealt with. This puts a strain on your resources and staff. And it’s not ideal for your customers, either. In fact, it’s a great way to lose business.

By improving your document management workflow, you can make your entire business more efficient. Your administrative team can spend less time sorting paperwork, and each employee can start on their tasks right away. Collaboration is faster and more productive, and you can easily see every project’s status.

Automatically Collect, Sort, and Distribute Your Documents

With IntelliChief, you can take the administrative demands out of document management. Our software:

Import documents into your workflowImports documents from your email or fax network

You can set up specific email addresses and fax network to be automatically monitored, with each new document imported as soon as it arrives. IntelliChief can collect PDFs, attachments, and even information from an email’s body.

Sort documents as you import them

Sorts hard-copy documents as you scan them in

You can scan in documents that arrive through the mail, and our batch processing technology will take care of the rest. Each piece of paper is converted into a digital image, and the data converted so that it can be moved into a workflow.

Classify & distribute documentsClassifies each document and sends it to the appropriate team

Need invoices to go to one department, and sales order to go to another? IntelliChief can determine what type of document it’s working with, then send it into the corresponding workflow.

Collects the data from each document & sends it to your ERPSync data

Instead of manually processing each document, let IntelliChief handle it for you. Our software can extract, cross-check, and enter data into your ERP.

Archive to complete your document management workflow

Stores each document with its corresponding paperwork

Avoid the hassle of printing and storing each document in your physical office. Our software archives your paperwork so it can be retrieved at any time, while linking it with corresponding files. (For instance, invoices are saved with purchase orders & receipts for easy, one-click retrieval.)


Streamline Other Workflows with Document Management Software

IntelliChief doesn’t just prevent delays in your mailroom. It also increases productivity anywhere a document is sent.

Accounts Payable, for instance, can start processing invoices as soon as they’re received. This makes it easier to capture early payment discounts. Order Processing can fill orders in real time, reducing your lead times and providing a better experience for your customers. And in HR, your managers can process applications, benefits forms, and PTO requests the moment they’re filled out.

By combining document management with workflow automation, you gain more from both. On the document management side, you collect, save, and organize your corporate records with minimal effort. And when it comes to workflow automation, you can use data that you already have saved to speed up repetitive processes. Learn more about back-office workflow automation, made possible by electronic document management.

Improve Your Document Management Workflow with IntelliChief

When you’re ready for a better document management workflow, IntelliChief is here to help. We can make your documents instantly accessible, with custom workflows for your company’s unique processes. Everything from non-PO invoice coding to supply chain management is a good candidate.

To learn more, contact us today.