Document Management and Workflow Automation Software for Friedman ERPs

IntelliChief’s document management software is specifically designed to integrate with Friedman ERPs. This makes it easier for discrete-to-order manufacturers, logistics companies, supply chain management experts, wholesalers, and distributors to use their enterprise software. (IntelliChief can be used to complement the Friedman Frontier system, as well as all applications by Viewlocity, Varsity Logistics, Markinson, Logimax, Minsys, PMC Software, and Computer Solutions Inc.)

Enterprise-Class Document Management and Business Process Solutions

IntelliChief’s document management system provides simple solutions for:

With these tools, users can spend less time on the core business processes that involve their unstructured data. Any new business document that they receive – whether from a customer or a supply chain partner – can be instantly sent to any department or user for immediate processing. Data is securely stored and indexed, then sent directly to Friedman databases.

Automating Manual Tasks in Friedman Frontier

Once your information is stored in Friedman, it can be used for corresponding business process. You can automate 2- and 3-way invoice matching, purchase order routing and approvals, voucher creation, and other back-office workflows – all on the same solution. Employees can spend their time on more strategic projects, and you can start reducing your operating costs right away.

Learn More About IntelliChief’s Friedman Document Management Solutions

At IntelliChief, we have the long-standing expertise necessary to provide you with best-in-class solutions for your enterprise resource planning system. During implementation, we’ll customize your solution to meet your company’s specific needs – then provide you with the support you need to continue improving well into the future.

To learn more about our Friedman-specific document management solutions, contact us today.