Document Management Solutions – Create Electronic Records, Retrieve Them Anywhere, & Automated Your Paper-Based Workflows

IntelliChief’s document management solutions provide a modern way to manage your company’s records. With our software, everything is digital: no more filing cabinets, no more expensive off-site storage, and no more inter-office mail. Every document is easily accessible, from anywhere (and at any time.) Data can even be extracted from documents and used to move your documents through your workflows. Why waste another minute on hard-to-manage paperwork?

What Document Management Features Does Your Company Need?

Every company has a different approach to document management – and our solutions can be customized to your specific needs. You’ll benefit from:

Most importantly, you’ll be able to integrate your solution with your ERP or line of business system. This lets you connect multiple platforms & share data across multiple programs.

Document Storage Solutions

IntelliChief’s document management solutions let you manage your data from a single platform. You can capture, save, and store information, regardless of the original format.

Electronic Document Management Solutions

Electronic Documents

IntelliChief can import emails, PDFs, JPEGs, TIFF files, and other content that you receive electronically.

Hard Copy Paper Document Management Solutions

Paper Documents

Users can scan in faxes, printed documents, and records that you receive through the mail.

Once a document is captured in IntelliChief, anyone who has the corresponding permissions can retrieve and process it. (One major advantage of electronic document management? You can easily control who is able to view, change, or save your records.)

Document Processing Solutions

IntelliChief can also collect data from your documents, which lets you speed up your corresponding workflows. Instead of manually processing your paperwork, our solutions can collect and verify information for you, letting you spend your valuable resources elsewhere.

With data automation, you can easily collaborate on projects like invoice coding and high-level approvals. And when you need to send documents from one department to the next – or from corporate headquarters to a branch office – IntelliChief can do that automatically, too.

A Company-Wide Transformation, Made Possible by Enterprise Document Management

IntelliChief’s document management solutions are designed for the enterprise. Our software is versatile enough to use across multiple departments – including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Processing, Human Resources, and Customer Service. With a single product, you can transform the way your entire company does business.

And when it comes to integration? No other file management system is as ERP-ready as IntelliChief. It can export information to Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, or any other line of business system you have in place. You can even access archived content from IntelliChief, without leaving your main ERP screen.

Customize a Document Management Solution for Your Business

When you’re ready to get your documents under control, our experts can help. We can create a custom system for your specific needs. Whether you need a basic archive or a comprehensive solution for workflow automation, you can trust IntelliChief to provide the right solution for your problems.

To learn more, contact us today.