Ditch the DSO’s with Sales Order Processing Automation

When you receive a customer order, how quickly do you get it to production?

If you’re like most companies, it takes several days. The process of collecting each order, verifying it for accuracy, entering it into your ERP, and getting it out the door isn’t always smooth. And when you have complex internal procedures? You’re looking at a long, costly, and hard-to-manage process.

Now, consider what happens when something goes wrong. A lost or misplaced order, a data entry error, or a late change request can extend the process even further.

This isn’t just frustrating for you – it’s frustrating to your customers as well. And if you don’t maintain communication as to the status of their order? You can say goodbye to their repeat business.

IntelliChief makes it easier to process your orders. Our sales order processing system can maximize efficiency, lower your processing costs, mitigate risks, and even help you reduce your DSO. You’ll get alerted to each new purchase order as it arrives, and you won’t have to manually add it to your ERP. IntelliChief captures and processes these documents automatically.

You’ll gain a greater competitive advantage, and provide an even higher level of service for your customers.

Ready to transform your fulfillment process & drive revenue up across your organization? See how easy it can be to ditch the DSOs with sales order processing automation.