Ditch the DSO’s with Sales Order Processing Automation

Tim Nissen | Ditch the DSO’s with Sales Order Processing Automation.

Think about your process when a customer order is received. The steps of sorting and labeling orders, verifying for accuracy, performing data entry, pushing that order through all the internal steps you have that lead to order fulfillment all drive up the cost to process a single transaction. And all the while you will maintain communication with the customer as to the status of their order.

Now consider what happens to your costs when an order is lost or misplaced, a data entry error occurs, or a change/revision to an existing order arrives. And the longer it takes to process an order, the higher your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) will be.

With IntelliChief, your Sales Order process can be transformed, from paper-based hassles to automated freedom, to maximize efficiency, lower processing costs, mitigate risks, and increase visibility to customer POs. By capturing and archiving customer POs and PO data information in a secure centralized repository, and utilizing a workflow process that integrates these functions into your core ERP/order entry application you can get control of a process that is otherwise costly, lacks visibility and is difficult to manage.

You will be able to provide an even greater level of service to your customers, and gain greater competitive advantages to help drive revenue for your organization. Ditch the DSO’s with Sales Order Processing Automation.

This one’s doable; see how: bit.ly/2drMelQ.