Digital Document Management

digital document management

Digital document management is a streamlined way to save and retrieve your business records. By storing your content in an electronic archive, you can provide your employees with immediate access to any information, at any time. It’s an easy way to keep your documents organized while spending less time on manual data processing.

Why Go Digital?

With an electronic solution, you can:

  • Eliminate the need for physical storage
  • Protect your documents from unauthorized access
  • Reduce the chances of loss or destruction
  • Retrieve your content from any location
  • View and process content on any device
  • Spend less time on administrative paperwork

Once you transition to digital document management, you can collect and repurpose your business information without any additional effort. Instead of processing each document by hand – and entering the information into each of your other business applications – software can handle this behind the scenes. You can save time on manual data entry while streamlining your most common business processes.

Importing Your Existing Records

Electronic systems let you manage your paper records and electronic documents on the same platform. You can save emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other files directly from your computer while using OCR to convert hard-copy records into electronic files.  This makes it easy to manage a variety of communications from your suppliers, customers, and business partners.

IntelliChief: Digital Document Storage Solutions for Your Business Content

IntelliChief’s document management solution is designed for the enterprise. You can use our software in any department or business unit, improving collaboration and visibility across your entire organization, including:

  • Procurement: Procurement can electronically store their requisition forms and purchase approvals, requests for proposals, quotes, and contracts. Routing rules can send internal purchasing requests to managers for approval, and the data from approved requests can be automatically converted to purchase orders. Learn more about document management for your Procurement Department.
  • Accounting: Accounting can store supplier invoices, purchase orders, and receipts in a comprehensive repository. From there, IntelliChief can take the transactional information from these documents and automate your two- or three-way match. As each invoice is validated and paid, you can save the payment vouchers and corresponding checks to your electronic archive. Learn more about digital document management for Accounting.
  • Production: Production can store design plans, spec sheets, engineering change orders, and other documents from the manufacturing process. Your team can access these documents from the production floor, a warehouse, or a corporate office, helping them reduce their lead time and fill each order more quickly. Learn more about document management for your Production Department.
  • Human Resources: Human Resources can create an electronic file for each employee, digitizing everything from onboarding documents and benefits forms to PTO requests and non-compete agreements. Plus, custom retention settings make it easy to comply with employment record policies. Learn more about digital HR document management.
  • Customer Service: Customer Service can create a paperless record for each customer, making it easy to retrieve their purchase history, service requests, and billing preferences (among other information.) When your representatives need to respond to an inquiry, they can do so in seconds – without making the customer wait for an answer. Learn more about digital document management in Customer Service.

Adding Records to Storage

When you first implement a document management system, you can decide which records you need to import and which records are no longer necessary for your business. (In most cases, you’ll complete the actual import process once your electronic archive is live. You can use a third-party service to speed things up if you have a large compilation of records.) You can then decide how to organize your content, and determine which employees should have access to each type of document.

As you create (or receive) new documents, you can scan them into your system, or you can have them added automatically. (By letting IntelliChief import them as they arrive, you don’t have to have an employee process them one at a time.)

Once imported, our software can determine what type of document it is, and what needs to be done with it. You can create custom routing rules that send each document into a corresponding workflow. The system can automatically move the documents from one step to the next, notifying users when they have a pending task to complete.

Retrieving Documents from Storage

Digital records management makes it easy to retrieve the content you need, without having to search your office for specific documents. Even if you only have a small amount of data – such as the name of a supplier who issued a particular invoice – you can find the corresponding file in seconds.

Our software even lets you access your records when you’re working in another business system. With IntelliChief, you can search the full text of your entire archive without leaving your core application screen. This way, teams don’t have to disrupt their workflows when they need a specific document.

Remote File Access

When your documents aren’t stored on a local network, you can access your content from any computer. IntelliChief’s browser-based login gives you the flexibility you need to work from anywhere. Meanwhile, our Mobile Access platform expands your digital file management capabilities, letting you retrieve your documents from a smartphone or tablet.

Document Security Tools

In terms of security, electronic storage can be a significant improvement over more traditional records management. Within your digital document repository, you can specify who can view each file (or type of file), protecting your corporate data from unauthorized access. Advanced encryptions and SSL technologies keep your archive secure, and comprehensive monitoring tools show every user who has accessed a particular document.

Deleting Records From Your Archive

To comply with records retention laws (and to keep your digital document management system from becoming too cluttered), you can delete documents once you no longer need them. IntelliChief Retention Manager lets you create custom policies for each type of document, purging old records at regular intervals. (For a higher level of control, you can have a user manually review each document before it is deleted.)

When you’re ready for a smarter, more streamlined approach to document management, contact IntelliChief. We can help you discover the benefits of going paperless – whether in a single department or across your entire business.