Data Collection Bane of Transactions

Tim Nissen | Data Collection Bane of Transactions.

Incomplete data collection is the bane of many projects and transactions. Correcting it is taxing on resources, slows down progress and causes unnecessary overwork on you and your staff.

Assuring that all associated documentation is collected (captured) and circulated (workflow) is achieved through the simplicity of automation.

Here’s how our automated data entry software can help.

IntelliChief ECM’s Capture Enterprise’s multi-channel capture capabilities streamline processing of documents from scanners, MFPs, fax, email and other digital sources, creating both centralized and distributed capture environments. If it contains data you need, Capture Enterprise will scour it for you.

Configurable actions and rules-based criteria, spanning multi-language recognition, document classification, database lookup, calculation and checksum validations, business rules and structured formatting for company-specific processes, keep your time-tested practices in-tact. Documents are type-identified, through a combination of pattern matching, key word and rules-based data location – no template set-up required. Capture Enterprise learns new document types on-the-fly.

Information in typed text is the easiest to identify and digitize. Some document management program’s processing starts and stops there. Capture Enterprise includes the areas where data’s more difficult to source: barcodes, machine-printed text (OCR), hand-printed text (ICR) and form boxes (OMR). Full text and zonal identification of each element is enabled, for locating and processing data on both structured and unstructured documentation. Beyond these standard features, the program enables configured design and deployment of complex capture abilities to fit your specific environment’s needs – no programming needed.

Capture Enterprise facilitates delivery of documents to your enterprise and departmental business applications to speed processing and increase information accuracy. Costly manual keying is replaced with passthrough processing and validation.

IntelliChief ECM’s Capture Enterprise users report a 50%+ overall reduction in document processing time and associated cost. It’s an answer with a rapid ROI to the data collection bane of transactions.

Capture Enterprise relays the 5 stages used by IntelliChief to automate document processing, ensuring data integrity and rules compliance. 3 pages describe how. View it at