Customer Service Workflow Automation

When it comes to customer service, workflow automation can have significant benefits – not just for your customers, but also for your internal team. You can answer inquiries much more quickly, communicate much more proactively, and eliminate long and frustrating wait times that can negatively impact your customer interactions. Plus, from an internal side, your customer service reps will have the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently, increasing satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Customer Service Workflow Automation Case Study

Want to see what a workflow automation solution could do for your own Customer Service department? Download Paperless Customer Service – a case study from IntelliChief. This case study takes a deeper dive into the benefits of automating your Customer Service workflows. You’ll discover:

  • Just how easy it can be to create, capture, and organize customer documentation
  • What you need to provide your team with real-time access to each customer’s current account information, using your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or other business system connections
  • Advanced technologies for looking up information based on a customer account, contact, project, and transaction data
  • Actionable solutions for interdepartmental workflow collaboration – both locally and remotely (through mobile capabilities)
  • Strategies for platforming information flow between company and customer and consistently updating each account’s activities and status

Most importantly, you’ll see the real-world cost savings associated with automated Customer Service workflows. Peer-to-peer case study examples are featured throughout.

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