IntelliChief: The Story Behind the Name

For more than a decade, our customers have known to equate the name “IntelliChief” with “best-in-class enterprise content management“.

But what led to that name in the first place?

Our company’s founders wanted to come up with a descriptive term that reflected their vision for ECM. Their goal? Providing company leaders with access to their business information, giving them total visibility into their workflows & empowering them to make more informed decisions. And so the company was named IntelliChief: “Intelligence for the Chief Executive.”

A Modern Vision for The Future

As we grew, we realized that companies needed a cross-departmental approach to data & document management. We expanded our goals to include:

It didn’t take long for us to become the enterprise operations system that we are today. Our original vision still holds strong – only now, it’s helping companies become more agile & efficient at every turn.

So now that you know us a little bit better – how about we get to know more about you? Contact us today, and tell us what parts of your corporate mission you need help with. We’ll show you that we’re more than just a product – we’re a transformative solution for better business.