Cross-Platform Document Management

Electronic document management software is a significant investment. To make the most of your new solution, it’s critical to find one that works with your existing ERP. A cross-platform document management system lets you streamline as many business practices as possible, while extending the use of your legacy technologies.

Cross Platform Document Management

But what if you don’t just use one enterprise resource planning system, but three or four best-of-breed applications across different departments and business units? And what if you need to share documents between all of them?

A recent study by Oracle suggests that using multiple applications is actually the norm. 33 percent of companies reported using as many as 10 individual applications, while 39 percent of companies reported using between 11 and 50. And, more than half of companies said that the number of enterprise-level applications that they use has increased somewhat or increased significantly over the past three years. As more technologies continue to become available, this number is only likely to rise.

Document Management Software, Specifically Designed for Multi-ERP Integration

IntelliChief is one of the only content management software programs that’s designed for multiple ERP integration. It’s the leading choice for companies with complex business practices and disparate legacy systems. It can simultaneously integrate with – and expand the functionality of – the solutions you already use for:

You don’t have to implement and maintain niche-specific solutions for each of your individual ERPs. Our cross-platform document management software makes it easy to store, share, and access data across each of your enterprise applications. By consolidating all of your content management needs into a single platform, it lets you eliminate manual data entry, streamline your workflows, and access your latest information in real time.

IntelliChief can integrate with Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, Infor, and countless other systems – all without a single line of coding. (Don’t see your ERP listed? Even if you use a proprietary or custom Line of Business system, we can create a custom ECM solution that supports your current technologies.)

Sharing Content Across Multiple Business Systems & Departments

IntelliChief captures information directly from your business documents, then imports it into the corresponding ERPs. (For instance, it can send invoice data to your accounting platform, or employee information to your HR system.) You no longer have to key your data in over and over again, saving time and eliminating mistakes.


Cross-platform document management lets each department access the information they need in seconds, without having to manually retrieve it. And, multiple users can access your documents simultaneously. IntelliChief’s parallel processing capabilities let different people, across different workflow paths, access the same documentation that’s being accessed by their colleagues. Nobody has to wait for a coworker to finish their work to get started on the next step.Document Management Multiple ERP Integration

IntelliChief even lets you set custom user permissions for each type of content, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure. Customer Service won’t be able to access documents from your HR archive, while distribution teams won’t be able to see your legal files – and so on.

Automating Workflows Across Your Entire Organization

Once our data is saved to IntelliChief, you can use it to streamline any document-driven workflow – across any of your enterprise systems. Our workflow automation tools let you:

Automating Business Process Across Business Systems

As your employees are working in their legacy programs, they can access IntelliChief’s files directly from their core applications. They won’t have to learn an entirely new system, and they can retrieve anything they need without disrupting their workflows. Because our system is so intuitive, it increases your chances of successful, long-term adoption. Meanwhile, you’ll have complete visibility into all of your organization’s processes and procedures – all from a single platform.

Unlike workflow automation tools that existing inside of an ERP, our Workflow Designer is completely independent. This allows it to communicate with multiple systems, or multiple instances of the same system. And, if you move away from a specific platform, you don’t have to re-create your previous workflows from scratch.

IntelliChief’s ERP Integration Service

At IntelliChief, we’ve completed countless implementations, and have worked with almost every combination of ERPs. No matter which systems you use, our Professional Services team makes integration simple and stress-free.

Even if you migrate to a new ERP in the future, we can configure your document management system to integrate with your new solutions. You can keep the documents you already have stored, and even retain your existing workflows. IntelliChief can be customized to your company’s unique needs – in terms of both business objectives and technologies – and we’re here whenever you’re ready to change things up.

To learn more about our cross-platform document management solutions, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library to read case studies of our previous implementations, outlining solutions for every major ERP.