Cost Savings in Logistics and Product Distribution

You move goods on a very large scale, but cost savings in logistics and product distribution can be hard to come by. Having a clear picture of your distribution operations of those goods is critical for business.

But, think about many of your logistics operations are driven by paper, restricting the movement of every inbound and outbound shipment. Paper-based processes are slow and create bottlenecks in productivity. They make important data contained in shipping documents, including bills of lading, manifests, and delivery receipts, difficult to process and track.

IntelliChief’s capture technology and electronic workflow processes can help you streamline tasks related to shipping and receiving goods. It can also enhance the functionality of your existing systems. Whether you use an ERP, a supply chain management system, warehouse management software, a transport management system, or a combination of several different programs, IntelliChief can easily connect all of your business applications.

How to Make Your Distribution Logistics More Efficient

The objective: improve visibility and reduce the time it takes to process information by capturing your shipping documents when they enter your business.

The strategy:

  • Automate the receipt of shipping documentation in paper or electronic formats
  • Standardize the document formatting, indexing, and data collection process
  • Collect critical information from images, barcodes, signatures, and text
  • Import this data into your system’s working fields
  • Link electronic copies to the appropriate core system and forward the documents to the appropriate workflow queue

Your newly standardized approach lets you manage all your processes from a single platform. Automated capture eliminates your need to print the documents and painstakingly key in the data – saving even more time in the process.

And because this all happens in real-time, you never miss a beat.

Track Every Single Shipment for Better Customer Service

The Sales-Fulfillment-Collections connection is the main engine of your company. Ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately is a primary objective. As your business grows, you need to be able to process more customer orders without adding personnel.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) lets your customer service, sales, and fulfillment staff:

  • Stay current on all client accounts
  • Receive real-time data verification
  • Send Order Acknowledgements via email or fax without user intervention
  • Accelerate order fulfillment with faster approvals
  • Gain order processing visibility throughout each transaction
  • Collect payments in a timely fashion, enhancing cash flow
  • Reduce costs associated with copying documents, updating logbooks, and chasing down lost orders
  • Run progression analytics and reporting on each order.

Learn More About Cost Savings in Logistics With IntelliChief

By seizing potential cost savings in logistics and product distribution, your organization can safeguard its bottom line from the unexpected. Our tailored solutions for freight document management were designed with the enterprise-class distributor in mind. Our ECM platform is uniquely equipped with the tools to help you not only master logistics and distribution today but also in the future. IntelliChief is one of the only ECM solutions designed specifically for the enterprise at scale. Our solutions grow with your business to help it avoid interruptions and benefit from ongoing cost-saving opportunities.

Want to learn more about the tangible cost savings of electronic freight document management? Contact IntelliChief today to speak with an expert about your project and requirements.