[Webinar] The Importance of AP Automation in Today’s Economy

Implementing a robust AP Automation tool can yield significant rewards resulting in a positive impact on your bottom line. With IntelliChief’s AP automation tool, you can make fewer costly errors caused by data entry, improve time management, and increase productivity.

No matter the ERP, IntelliChief’s AP Automation solutions are compatible. From the most popular commercial systems to one-of-a-kind purpose-built project accounting applications, we form a seamless connection to ensure that your information is updated in real-time every time a new invoice is received, processed, or vouchered.

Join us for our webinar, The Importance AP Automation in Today’s Economy, to learn more about the benefits of AP Automation, including:

  • Review, approve, and code invoices in mere seconds
  • Improve time management with “Straight Through Processing”
  • Save money by capturing early-pay discounts and eliminating late fees
  • Streamline your AP processes while extending the life/usage of your existing technologies
  • Extract and organize information from your documents to have a full view of the entire AP process
  • Confirm shipping charges, taxes, and other variable fees that are added after the sale (and make sure they’re properly coded)
  • Normalize units of measure when the ordered quantities are different than the invoiced quantities
  • Convert part numbers when you and your supplier use different codes for the same item
  • Search for and retrieve digital documents and invoices right from your ERP screen (no need to navigate to another software program)

Don’t miss your opportunity to get a better understanding of how you can improve productivity in your AP department.