[Webinar] Solving Unique AP Problems with Automation for Oracle EBS

It is impossible to ignore the vast impact that AP Automation can make on an organization. With benefits ranging from fewer data entry errors to eliminating duplicate payments and taking advantage of early-pay discounts, there are countless ways for AP Automation to make a difference in your organization. But what if your company has unique challenges and processes that require a custom automation tool?

Since no two AP Automation projects follow the exact same rules and guidelines, join us for Solving Unique AP Problems with Automation for Oracle EBS to learn how to identify the right AP Automation tool for your company. In this webinar, our experts will cover:

  • Expediting multiple approvals, routing, and processing of invoices
  • The importance of real-time integration with your existing EBS system
  • Mobile-friendly, out-of-office approvals and routing procedures
  • Easy-to-use workflows for the most complex AP processes
  • Confirm shipping charges, taxes, and other variable fees that are added after the sale (and make sure they’re properly coded)
  • Normalize units of measure when the ordered quantities are different than the invoiced quantities
  • Convert part numbers when you and your supplier use different codes for the same item

AP Automation is not something that can be properly utilized out of the box. Choose a vendor that learns your business inside out and invests the time to understand the complex processes that are unique to it.  Don’t miss your opportunity to discuss your challenges with your peers and our AP experts.