[Webinar] Checking the Intelligence of Your Analytics

94% of business professionals say data and analytics are important to their business growth and digital transformation. – The 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics

Making decisions based on real-time data is crucial to a successful business.  Whether that data represents open AP invoices, early pay discount opportunities, customer orders needing urgent fulfillment, or the overall cycle time of transactions processed, the only way to measure this information and present it to key decision makers before the data enters your ERP system is through analytics.

IntelliChief’s Analytics is a flexible solution that helps you cut costs, bolster cash flow, and eliminate operational inefficiencies across every department. In this webinar, we will showcase IntelliChief’s Analytics and its real-life use cases.  You will also walk-away with:

  • How “Ready-Made” analytics can assist you in setting your benchmarks
  • The ease of creating “Self-Service” reports without IT assistance
  • Gain operational visibility by creating scalable dashboards
  • Drill down on KPls to reflect your company culture or mission

IntelliChief Analytics provides you with customizable reports formatted to the needs of your enterprise. You can even schedule reports to be shared automatically via email, eliminating the need to prepare and send them yourself. It’s the fastest way to integrate business intelligence into your company culture. You’ll learn all about this and more at our must-see webinar “Checking the Intelligence of Your Analytics” on September 24.