The Procure to Pay Cycle: A Shift in the Construction Industry With Burger Consulting Group

[Webinar] The Procure to Pay Cycle: A Shift in the Construction Industry With Burger Consulting Group

The Procure to Pay Cycle: A Shift in the Construction Industry With Burger Consulting Group

The procure to pay cycle in construction was never a model of efficiency. The current economic slowdown and material shortages will accentuate this situation. Requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, subcontract management and payment are core processes for most contractors. These are high volume steps and traditionally handled in a variety of primary systems or, in some cases spreadsheets, Word documents, and e-mail. Some contractors still get invoices via the mail. Yet contractors depend on these processes to ensure tight controls, processing efficiency, smooth functioning supply chains, and collecting historical information for bidding future work.

Join our webinar, The Procure to Pay Cycle – A Shift in the Construction Industry, experts from the Burger Consulting Group and IntelliChief, the leader in enterprise content management and automation, will walk you through how to streamline your organizational processes and accelerate your P2P cycle. Together we will show you how your team can achieve optimal processing times with significantly fewer errors in a paperless environment that supports remote and mobile access.


  • The benefits of real-time integration with your ERP
  • The latest advances in straight-through processing of invoices for the construction industry
  • The elimination of keying by utilizing the unique machine learning technologies that help your solution become smarter over time
  • The ease of creating two and three-way matches without causing field disruption
  • The visibility into the invoice routing approval process.
  • The relief an automated process provides in the billing backup process and audits
  • The non-AP use cases that you can also use your solution for, helping you maximize the return on your investment

As we move the process of purchasing and invoicing into a remote environment, the timing of this webinar is opportune.

Christian Burger

Principal, Burger Consulting Group

Christian has worked with contractors for more than 20 years on software selections, implementation management, IT strategy and the planning and evaluation of current systems. He started his career in construction as a senior systems consultant at FMI, and after eight years continued as a Client Manager for JD Edwards & Company. In July 1994, he launched BCG.

Christian is a frequent speaker at industry events, and contributes articles on technology in the construction industry to numerous industry publications. Additionally, he teaches the technology course for Northwestern University’s Master of Project Management (MPM) program through the Engineering school.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Ball State University, and a Master of Arts from Northwestern University.

Brian Spiro

Sr. Director of  Enterprise Sales, IntelliChief

Brian Spiro, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales for IntelliChief, is CAPA certified and has 15+ years of experience in enterprise content management. He has a deep understanding of capture and processing technologies for Accounts Payable as well as other departments throughout an organization.