IntelliChief Releases Version 5.0

IntelliChief Version 5.0 is now available – and full of upgrades that will help you manage your content more efficiently. The latest version of our software includes a new Retention Manager module for automatic lifecycle management, expanded no-code workflow automation capabilities, and upgrades to the solution’s document capture and indexing functionalities.

IntelliChief Retention Manager: An Easy Solution for Document Lifecycle Management

IntelliChief Retention Manager allows you to automatically dispose of your old documents at the appropriate time (or deliver them directly to an authorized user, who can manually approve the action). You can create purge policies and hold policies for each individual document, or each type of document, allowing you to easily lifecycle-manage all of your corporate content.

If you need to retain one of your records beyond the scheduled disposal date, you can request a temporary hold. Once an expired document is approved for deletion, it is securely deleted from your system, database, and repository.

Learn more about IntelliChief Retention Manager.

Our New and Improved Workflow Designer

With IntelliChief, you’ve always had the ability to create your own custom workflows – but Version 5.0 includes a new and improved interface that makes the process easier than ever.

IntelliChief Workflow Designer Interface

The new system lets you create and change your workflows with a few simple clicks. You can:

  • Insert or modify workflow stages
  • Expand and collapse your workflow diagrams
  • Show all potential responses that are linked to a particular stage
  • Validate your workflows

In the new Workflow Designer, all of this can be done without custom coding. Any user with the appropriate editing permissions can make modifications within Workflow Designer; the intuitive set-up is easy to understand without a technical background.

From a visual perspective, it’s easier to map out your business processes. Different shapes and colors can help you diagram each stage, and icons show you where you’re scheduling user notifications.

From a functional perspective, it’s easier to see what can and can’t be done. IntelliChief displays each available response based on the stage and its configuration, and you can select your preferred action.

Test Pending Changes Before They Go Live

The new Workflow Designer lets you build and test new processes without impacting your active workflows. As you determine what should happen at each stage of an automation sequence, pending changes are stored in a separate work area until they’re approved to go live. This gives you the freedom to design (and re-design) your workflows without interrupting your existing business processes.

Learn more about the new Workflow Designer.

Rubber Stamps

IntelliChief 5.0 also includes digital stamps that let you mark up your electronic documents, the same way that you would with ink stamps for paper files. Our new Rubber Stamp tool works just like the Annotations tool in the IntelliChief Document Viewer, and lets you complement the electronic note tool that has always existed within your IntelliChief Workbench.

Learn more about IntelliChief’s document annotation tool.

Capture Enterprise Updates

Version 5.0 includes updates to the Capture Enterprise module’s settings, as well as the System Monitor. You can more easily control how each document is captured and processed, without making custom changes to the Capture Enterprise application. You can quickly input data when a word is not automatically detected, and set custom page types to keep your content more neatly organized. You can also automatically monitor for files that remain in the Export folder, and any documents that haven’t completed processing.

Email Import IMAP Connector

The updated Email Import module can connect to your email system via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol.) This lets it retrieve and download email messages for further processing, eliminating the need for a Virtual SMTP on the IntelliChief Server.

Email Import IMAP Connector

Other Updates

Other improvements included in IntelliChief Version 5.0 include:

  • New inbox views and search results, allowing you to more easily find the content you’re looking for
  • HTTPS support, allowing secure encrypted communications between IntelliChief clients and the IntelliChief server
  • Workflow Server enhancements, leading to faster processing of documents with multiple index sets.

Upgrade to IntelliChief 5.0

Interested in an upgrade? Current customers can contact IntelliChief to learn more about the new release – including technical requirements for Version 5.0.