Content Services: An Integrated Approach to Enterprise Content Management

Content services is a new topic in information management. But what does it mean for your business?

The short answer: it’s a comprehensive way to use technologies and strategies to manage your corporate information. It’s document capture, together with data automation, process optimization, and lifecycle management.

Want the long answer, too? Our experts share more insights below.

What is Content Services?

Gartner introduced the term “content services” in 2017. Enterprise content management, or ECM – was the previous term. However, it wasn’t comprehensive enough, according to analysts.

ECM represents a single approach – or a collection of several disparate strategies. In recent years, though, successful companies have developed more comprehensive approaches. Integrating platforms, applications, and technologies allows for more productive information management.

Content Services in the Digital Workplace: Where Software Meets Strategy

As Gartner Analyst Michael Woodbridge puts it: “ECM…has been interpreted…as a thing you can buy.” Companies now understand that enterprise content management is more than a software suite.

Content services account for how a software system is used. Business are taking a more strategic approach to leveraging their solutions – and transforming them over time.

Content Services for the Enterprise

The Association for Image and Information Management also reminds us that companies need “technologies and strategies that assist people in the way they want to work.” For instance, some businesses are taking their existing content management system (the platform) and adding mobile access (an application), reflecting the shift in how today’s employees work. Forward-thinking improvements like these drive the most meaningful changes in corporate information management.

What Role Should Content Services Play in Your Enterprise Plan?

As an enterprise-level strategy, content services can help you transform several areas of your business. It’s not just a way to collect and store your business data. It also takes into account:

It also requires a commitment to continued innovation. You’re not just purchasing a technology. You’re using increased visibility and control to find new ways to improve. As you collect insights, share them with your content services provider. Together, you can develop tailored solutions for productivity, profitability, and better information management.

Transform Your Business with IntelliChief: A Content Services Provider with Decades of Experience in ECM

Content services may be a new term – but it’s an approach that IntelliChief has taken for over a decade. We’ve always viewed our ECM software as more than a product. We work hand-in-hand with IT managers, CTOs, CFOs, and end users to create meaningful solutions for information management.

Our solutions help companies break down information silos. Our integrations reach across systems and departments, helping improve communication, collaboration, & data management. Your corporate headquarters, shared service centers, and individual branch locations all can benefit.

Start small, with a single solution, then expand across different functional areas. Anywhere you use accurate, real-time business data – from AP to HR – you can work smarter with IntelliChief.

Our content management system lets you collect and process all your information, not just structured documents. Sort and distribute records as they arrive, then sync the data with your ERP or line of business system. Send content directly into corresponding workflows, and process your data automatically. The result? Faster (and more cost-effective) workflows, plus increased productivity.

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Our managed content services are a true end-to-end solution. IntelliChief streamlines everything from document capture & data extraction to process and workflow automation. You even get behind-the-scenes analytics to promote strategic growth.

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