Connecting Your Business Systems Coding-Free

Tim Nissen | Connecting Your Business Systems Coding-Free.

Connecting your ERP and departmental business systems poses a quandary: how to accomplish this, and what tool do you need to bring all your information together?

Here’s a doable option: KMWorld’s Tread-Setting Product, IntelliChief ECM’s Integration Link, connecting your business systems coding-free, through Enterprise Content Management’s automation.

IntelliChief Integration Link enables automated document capture, life cycle management and business processes workflow optimization, integrated with your ERP and business applications for data updating and ongoing integrity. It only takes minutes to create application blueprints in IntelliChief, instantly allowing users to access and index documentation content stored in IntelliChief directly from your familiar ERP screens. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Human Resources – any of your departments dependent on documentation and inter-organizational workflow – will benefit.

IntelliChief Integration Link enables you and your staff to:

Retrieve Documents – access content from Inquiry screens within your business applications with a single keystroke or mouse click; no custom programming or modifications needed.

Eliminate paper, email/attachment and electronic file overflow forever, and automate your processes workflow throughout your organization, by giving your staff the ability to pull up a single document, or every document associated with a project or transaction, right from the screens they already use.

Index Documents – apply the proper index fields in documents and validate them with known data from your ERP system, whether scanning paper documents or importing electronic files.

During the indexing process, interactive lookups from the ERP or other business systems can be performed to ensure documents are stored correctly, all while eliminating manual keying time and errors.

Functional Convenience

Set up new Integration Link blueprints in minutes. Simply open the Blueprint Designer and the application screen you want to integrate with IntelliChief. Select New Blueprint and Integration Link will ask you to click on the screen in your application. Integration Link will then automatically recognize all the fields on the screen and prompt you to link them to the corresponding fields in your data processing profile (DPP) in IntelliChief. Then simply activate the blueprint and your systems are linked through ECM. No complex programming or costly customizations.

With premises or cloud-based, production or custom systems, Integration Link allows you to access and index documents in IntelliChief universally throughout your organization, locally or remotely through IntelliChief Mobile.

For an Integration Link demonstration of connecting your business systems coding-free, contact IntelliChief at