Connecting ERP and Other Business Systems Without Coding

A universal need that’s close to home: having the business systems you use communicating with each other.

You’ve experienced the problem: the costly waste of disengaged data as silos of information remain stagnant. This environment lacks visibility and the beneficial versatility of shared knowledge where it’s needed most.

An answer to connecting ERP and other business systems without coding is IntelliChief ECM’s Integration Link. Incorporating ECM’s automated document capture, management and workflow abilities, with a coding-free alternative allows you to access and index documents in the IntelliChief system directly from the screens of any ERP or line of business applications that your company utilizes. This allows integration and information validation amongst each system, opening access to data across platforms.

Through the Integration Link Designer, any application can be image-enabled, providing cross-platform usage of all information stored in each system, creating a convenient, accessible document management environment. The application further leverages value of your company’s existing systems.

The simplicity of operation begins with opening Integration Link’s Blueprint Designer, along with the application screen you want integrated with IntelliChief. Select New Blueprint, and Integration Link will prompt to click on the screen in the application. From there, Integration Link will recognize all the fields on the application’s screen, and prompt to link them to the corresponding fields in IntelliChief’s data processing profile. Complete the integration by clicking to activate the blueprint, and the link’s established.

With premises or Cloud-based, production or custom systems, Integration Link allows you to access and index documents in IntelliChief universally throughout your organization through desktop screens or remotely utilizing IntelliChief Mobile. Costly programming and time-consuming customizations are no longer required. There’s no affect to future ERP or business application system updates – links remains intact.


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