Celebrating National Payroll Week

National Payroll Week is a week that every single company can be thankful for. After all – we all want to be paid for our effort and dedication. And who’s more dedicated than a company’s administrative professionals?

At IntelliChief, we’re celebrating National Payroll Week with a steady stream of “thank you”s…not to mention copious amounts of ice cream. We’re so thankful for everything they do – and we know you feel the same way!

But do your payroll employees know how appreciated they are? And more importantly – do they feel like they have the tools they need to properly do their jobs?

Payroll Automation

If your payroll department is frustrated by manual, time-consuming processes that never seem to end, it may be time to think about automation. How much more efficient could your employees be if they were able to automatically capture and organize their documents, collect approvals, and collaborate with HR and Accounting? And on that note – how much more satisfied would they be with their jobs?

IntelliChief makes it easy to get data from your paper documents to your Human Capital Management and Accounting software. This can make the payroll process significantly faster. It also reduces the time and resources that go into these ongoing procedures, while providing records tracking and safeguarding. It’s putting the ‘enterprise’ in enterprise content management.

If you’d like to learn more about consolidating your payroll workflows, contact IntelliChief today. In the meantime, keep celebrating National Payroll Week along with our friends at the American Payroll Association.  Thanks Payroll Pros!