Paperless Customer Service – Increase Customer Loyalty With Seamless Order Tracking & Immediate Answers

Paperless Customer ServiceCustomer service impacts every department of your company.

It’s generally accepted that it costs 10 times more to win a new customer than to keep an existing one. Winning customers and then keeping them loyal are critical business requirements. But what keeps customers loyal?

As is usual with such questions, the answer is: many things.

Price, quality, availability, previous relationship and even just the inertia of staying with a company they’ve dealt with for some time all play a part, though customer service is a decisive factor. Customers need immediate answers to their questions, thoughtful (and proactive) communication, fast shipping, accurate charges on their invoices, and short lead times.

In fact, they don’t just need it: they expect it. Are you providing it?

Taking Your Customer Service Department Paperless

If your customer service isn’t measuring up, you may want to look at how information is accessed within your organization. When customer service representatives can’t readily retrieve order numbers, shipping documents, or other information that a customer is looking for, loyalty erodes. The longer customers stay on the phone, waiting for answers, the more annoyed they become.

A faster experience is crucial – and providing immediate access to customer service documents is a perfect first step. A digital archive can give your customer service representatives the information they need, right when they need it.

Our IntelliChief Paperless Customer Service whitepaper demonstrates how automating information capture, management and workflow of customer service processes successfuly engages your staff with each of your customers. It also shows you how validating and updating each account’s information and orders documentation with your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) can help you provide better service at every level of your organization.

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Order to Cash Automation Case Study (Manufacturing Industry)

Order to cash automation is helping many companies work more effectively. One real-life example? This manufacturer removed paper from their O2C worfklows, which made their entire department more efficient.

Order to Cash Automation Case Study

This order to cash automation case study shows how O2C automation software helped them expedite the fulfillment process – and in turn, significantly increase their profits. As a major player on both the national and international stage, this company immediately made themselves more competitive – and it all started with IntelliChief.

You’ll see how they:

  • Started processing 10+ page order packets within minutes of receipt
  • Went from manually scanning every single purchase order, proof, and quote packet to having almost everything handled by software behind-the-scenes
  • Gave their Customer Service and Order Processing teams immediate, real-time access to all of their manufacturing documents

Read the case study here.

The Advantages of Paperless Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is time-consuming and error-prone. The more invoices you receive (and the more back-up documentation you have to sort through), the more tedious it can be. But when you automate your invoice processing cycle, you can make Accounts Payable much less of a burden. The advantages of paperless invoice processing don’t end there. You’ll also benefit from:

A Faster Invoice Processing Flow

When you’re not collecting, sorting, matching, and paying each invoice by hand, you can move through your procure to pay cycle much more quickly. Your team doesn’t have to spend their time on simple calculations; invoices that don’t have any exceptions can be processed straight through.

When there is a discrepancy between the invoice and the corresponding purchase order, your team can deal with it right away. Otherwise, the voucher can be created, the payment can be scheduled, and the transaction can be archived in a matter of minutes. You can start issuing payments well before they’re due — for any vendor or account.

Increased Cost Savings & Fewer Late Fees

When you can pay your invoices by a certain date, you can take advantage of more supplier incentives. Your vendors may let you deduct a percentage of the total amount due when you pay within 7, 10, or 30 days – helping you reduce your total cost of goods sold. (Similarly, when you aren’t in a rush to pay by the final deadline, you don’t have to worry about costly late payment fees.)

More Reliable Invoice Process Management

You rely on certain business rules for a reason. Automation lets you ensure that every rule is followed, for every invoice.

An example: you can route any invoices over a specific dollar value to supervisors for approval, or you can send non-purchase-order invoices to the corresponding departments for general ledger coding. Once you have created an invoice processing workflow, it’s consistently implemented for each transaction.

Increased Visibility

With all your invoices managed on the same digital platform, you can easily see the status of each transaction. You’ll know the total dollar amount of all outstanding invoices, the due date for each, and what actions you still need to take before they can be closed out. This lets you more proactively manage your payment and cash flow.

Learn More About the Advantages Paperless Invoice Processing

At IntelliChief, we make it easy for you to automate your Accounts Payable cycle. Our solutions can capture your incoming invoices, send the data to your accounting software, and complete the processing and payment cycle behind the scenes. You can transition to a fully paperless invoice process while optimizing the procedures you already have in place.

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B&L Document Management

IntelliChief has long been a trusted provider of electronic document management solutions. Now, those solutions integrate directly with the B&L Information Systems ERP. This offers a better approach to document management for foundry & die-casting professionals.

Document Management Solutions for B&L Odyssey and BLIS-400

IntelliChief’s document management software can communicate behind-the-scenes with your B&L ERP – whether that’s Odyssey or BLIS-400. When either of these are used in conjunction with IntelliChief, you can:

  • Create and capture your business documents electronically
  • Access these documents from a desktop computer (either through the internet, or directly from your application screen)
  • Automate crucial workflows, such as invoice processing and sales order processing

This gives you a better way to manage your data, as well as the complex business processes that are necessary to your supply chain’s success.

B&L ERP Document Management

What’s more: the solution is highly customizable. System administrators can use a central screen to configure the integration points, and to select the documents that they’d like to automatically index and store. They can also set which screens users can access archived documents from, and when users will be prompted to scan in physical documents. Once in the system, these documents are securely stored, and indexed for real-time retrieval.

The Advantages of Automated Document Management

When you’re no longer worried about managing your paper records by hand, you’ll notice a significant increase in productivity – as well as lower costs across any department that’s impacted by the change. And with IntelliChief, you can implement your new document management strategy across your entire organization. Our B&L ERP solutions can be used in Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service, HR, and other operational areas.

Michael Jasper, Partner Development Manager at IntelliChief, states, “Users can expect lower labor costs due to faster business document processing in many areas, including purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. Anywhere that business effectiveness is hampered by the inefficient handling of paper-based documents, IntelliChief can help you un-complicate your processes. The combined solution also enables you to be audit-compliant, making the process more cost effective.”

With IntelliChief’s complete integration, metalworkers that use a B&L ERP can also benefit from improved information quality, accessibility, and analysis — while eliminating redundant data and tasks.

Discuss Your B&L Document Management Project With an Industry-Recognized Expert

BLIS-400 users have benefited from IntelliChief for years. Now, “this project provides the Odyssey community with the same deep level of integration”, says Doug Hinman at B&L Information Systems. “As with the BLIS-400 integration, B&L has taken the lead, has written the Odyssey integration, and will maintain it as future versions are released”, he continues.

To learn more about IntelliChief’s B&L document management solutions, contact us today.

JDA MMS Automation With IntelliChief

IntelliChief is a leading provider of document management and workflow automation products for JDA MMS. Users can manage their content directly from their ERP screens, while administrative processes are completed in the background.

Electronic Document Management for JDA MMS

With IntelliChief, users have robust document management capabilities right at their fingertips. They can store, save, search for, and retrieve information with the click of a button – without leaving their JDA application.

“One of the most powerful benefits that comes from integrating IntelliChief with JDA MMS is the ability to search for and retrieve documents directly from the ERP application screen,” said Michael Rooney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IntelliChief. As users retrieve purchase order documents, IntelliChief displays all related documentation, including the original PO request, vendor acknowledgements, and vendor invoices. There’s no need to manually locate all the corresponding information, or print it out to share with other members of the team.

Workflow Automation for JDA MMS

IntelliChief even makes it easy to streamline data-driven processes like invoice routing, approvals, and filing paperwork. It can simplify:

  • The purchase of new goods
  • The receiving of materials
  • The processing of invoices
  • The vendor payment process

By eliminating the manual tasks involved with these JDA workflows, IntelliChief helps companies accelerate their turnaround times, access crucial information more efficiently, and become more productive across key departments. Any paper-intensive process, from Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable and everything in between, becomes much easier to manage.

Fully Integrated Document Management Solutions for the JDA ERP

“JDA users will find it easy to go paperless with IntelliChief. Our seamless integration and easy implementation with JDA MMS makes IntelliChief an extremely powerful and cost-effective solution,” said Mr. Rooney.

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