Case Study: SAP User Benefits from IntelliChief ECM AP Automation

This is a US-headquartered entity of a leading global supplier of integrated wear products and services for mining, construction and industry, with a 100-year history. They also have history with a frustrating manual Accounts Payable environment worldwide.

Growing Pains, Fiscal Gains

A simultaneous combination of domestic and global expansion put a strain on the company’s Accounts Payable operations. Largely an effort of manual, people-powered processes proceeding across their international network of office and factory locations, ultimately consolidating in their US HQ, AP processing had become cumbersome and costly.

Accounts payable automation was the advantageous direction the company decided to pursue. The company’s Vice President of Finance led the discovery of enterprise content management (ECM) systems, evaluating all the best the marketplace had to offer, and relayed “It was extensive, though well worth the effort.” Ultimately, they chose IntelliChief ECM. “IntelliChief’s proven to be the gold standard, simplifying our AP life,” they commented. “The cost savings are significant and ongoing.”

Aspects of their decision encompassed:

  • Ease of ERP integration – a must
  • AP their way – allowing the company to maintain their time-tested processes successful in their unique environment, and
  • Company-wide enterprise ECM system expansion, allowing additional departments to add automation to their project and transaction document management capture, workflow, archival and analysis.

SAP User Benefits from IntelliChief ECM AP Automation

IntelliChief proved strong for both IT and internal business interests. “Our IT and AP staff like the interaction ability of SAP and IntelliChief,” commented the company’s SAP System Director.

Under the hood, the system’s integration manifests abilities to recognize numerous transaction document types, and fill multiple index fields within SAP, allowing for higher level of accuracy over manual information keying. Additionally, the usage of IntelliChief’s Email Capture automates input of transaction-oriented email – both body contents and attached documents – into the SAP-IntelliChief system, further eliminating costly manual steps to secure and add this information to each transaction’s document collection for archive and review/approval workflow. Once entered, this information is validated with corresponding vendor records stored in SAP, assuring accuracy of each purchase.

“IntelliChief helped especially with non-PO capture, indexing and validation processing, cleaning-up order accuracy prior to entry into SAP,” emphasized their SAP System Director.

From the workflow vantage, their Finance VP noted “having all documents related to each transaction thumbnail-visible in each document’s full-view screen makes it simple to see the entire purchase picture. Our staff appreciates this functional ease.”

From Accounting to Real Estate

An unexpected side benefit to AP automation was an increase in usable people space at the company’s headquarters location. AP’s on-site retention area was transformed into five much-needed additional offices, eliminated the need to build or lease high-cost square footage to satisfy this need generated by the company’s growth.

What’s Next

IntelliChief Analytics is of interest to us; for real-time cash flow views and reporting capabilities,” commented the Finance VP. Other departmental expansion interest for the company is with Sales and Marketing. “Each of these groups generate a boatload of quality work product, all of it in need of digital capture, organization and archival, with active workflow capability,” they noted.


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