Capturing Key Email Information – What’s Missing?

Much of your company’s must-keep data originates in email format, either in the body or attachments. But it’s easy for crucial pieces to get lost. Information needed for projects and transactions may never make it to your ERP or business systems, and everything comes to a halt.

You’re aware that enterprise content management systems (ECM) can automatically capture documents and send the data to your ERP. But did you know that IntelliChief includes a thorough email capture component

This feature automates the collection and indexing of data from the body and attachments of incoming emails. No user intervention is required.  It increases hands-off document processing efficiencies, while eliminating labor-intensive and accuracy-sensitive activities.

Imagine a world without:

  • Printing emails and attachments, then keying the data into ERP’s and business systems
  • Scanning emailed documents to add to related collections
  • Manually routing emailed documents through your organization for reviews and approvals

Getting Documents From Your Email to Your ERP

IntelliChief Email Import works by:

  • Monitoring mailboxes for incoming email and capturing them into IntelliChief automatically. It can use established email addresses, or you can consolidate multiple mailboxes with behind-the-scenes forwarding addresses
  • Identifying documents by sender, subject line and body of the email message
  • Applying validations against known data in external systems to ensure accuracy
  • Intelligently determining if the document is an attachment, part of the email body, or both; separating them or keeping them stored and in workflow contiguously, based on your needs
  • Recognizing any exceptions to user-established process rules, notifying of need-for-review prior to project completion.

With IntelliChief;s lookup capabilities, Email Import lets you match information to your ERP/business system. It can automatically look at a piece of email correspondence and know where it should be stored, or what type of workflow it needs to go through.

As you’re capturing key email information – what’s missing? You and your colleagues won’t know until you know…

To learn more about our email document import system, contact IntelliChief today.