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How Logistics Uses ECM

Accounting for logistics processes and procedures is complex, and it’s common to still see physical shipping documentation sent by express service to points of receipt, including your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Customer Service departments – domestically and internationally. The manual handling of these printed documents is admittedly fraught with expense (time and money) and […]

Best Practices for Paperless Accounting

In recent years, more and more companies have transitioned to paperless accounting departments. You’ve probably heard plenty about the benefits – and the promise of improved cash flow has you intrigued. But what about the potential downfalls? It’s much more likely that you’ll experience significant – and immediate – benefits when you move away from […]

Overcoming Business Challenges With Process Automation

Process automation can provide your organization with a number of benefits. The most notable? More productivity Faster workflows Less expensive procedures And the more you automate, the more you stand to benefit. Here’s a deeper look. The Problem With Manual Business Processes Most of the processes that keep your business running have manual traditions. While […]

Cost Savings in Logistics and Product Distribution

You move goods on a very large scale, but cost savings in logistics and product distribution can be hard to come by. Having a clear picture of your distribution operations of those goods is critical for business. But, think about many of your logistics operations are driven by paper, restricting the movement of every inbound […]

Early Payment Discounts for Increased Revenue

Early payment discounts can help your company save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars every month. Spend less on the products you need to buy, and increase your working capital. Take the money that you have sitting in a low-yielding corporate account, waiting to be sent to a supplier, and leverage it to […]

Real-World, Real Benefits: How to Reduce Accounts Payable Processing Costs

Reducing Accounts Payable processing costs has officially become a movement — one driven figurately by the ability to better allocate staff resources and literally through automating transactional information and workflows. In an increasingly competitive business climate, improving the speed and accuracy of processing has become fundamental in achieving measurable growth. Accounts Payable automation is increasingly […]

How to Connect Business Systems Without Coding

There’s always some hesitance when it comes time to adopt new technology. This is especially true in niche business units that are traditionally “low-tech.” It’s no surprise, then, that Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Order Processing departments are oftentimes the most cautious about adding new software to the mix. New technology needs to integrate seamlessly […]