Enterprise AI: Machine Learning Automation Solutions for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Processing, and More

According to Gartner, companies that have invested in artificial intelligence by 2020 will achieve long-term success four times more often than other companies. Does your company have the automation solutions it needs to succeed?

At IntelliChief, we specialize in enterprise AI technologies. We’ve created intelligent solutions that help you improve your current business processes, while becoming smarter and more accurate over time.

So how do they work?

Automation Solutions & Legacy Process Optimization

Our robotic automation tools extract the data that’s “locked” in your paper documents. Your most important information – from supplier contracts to customer invoices – is extracted using powerful OCR software, then entered into a secure archive along with a secure image. There, the content is automatically processed and re-purposed, so your employees don’t have to waste time on administrative tasks.

And what about the machine learning aspect?

The more you use our enterprise automation solutions, the more intelligent they become. As IntelliChief collects information (and receives input from your employees), it becomes more independently capable of streamlining your processes, relying less and less on your team to perform menial tasks.

In some instances, our applications can even handle recurring tasks without any input from your team. (For instance, companies can increase straight-through invoice processing through rules-based RPA.)

Transforming Your Legacy Business Processes With Automation & Robotics

Let’s take a look at your most time-consuming business processes. That could be invoice processing or sales order entry, or it could be any number of other administrative tasks.

In most cases, companies rely on employees to handle these processes – but at a considerable expense. And that expense isn’t just financial; these tasks also take a significant amount of time and are prone to human error. When you expand your team, you have to teach new team members how to keep your processes running smoothly, which often comes with an inconvenient learning curve.

Instead, robotic business process automation allows you to:

  • Reduce your administrative costs
  • Eliminate repetitive manual data entry
  • Give your employees more meaningful strategic work
  • Permanently “teach” your policies and procedures and ensure that they are followed
  • Keep pace with increasing workloads
  • Reduce errors from manual data entry

Of course, re-working legacy processes is a challenge in and of itself. But with IntelliChief, you don’t have to change your technologies – or your existing workflows. Our automation solutions can integrate with any programs you already use. And, our team will handle the entire integration from end to end – which means minimal work for your IT team.

The ROI of Robotic Process Automation

Any new technology is going to be an investment. Of course, the results need to justify the cost.

Looking at the research, it’s evident that AI for enterprise pays significant dividends. McKinsey Consulting found an initial ROI of up to 200 percent in the first year of implementation (plus additional longer-term benefits for both employees and shareholders). Those additional perks included:

  • Immediate regulatory compliance
  • More comprehensive customer service
  • An increased capacity for growth-driven workloads

Of course, not all use cases are as dramatic as a 200 percent year-one ROI – but the more workflows that you automate, the more impressive your results are likely to be.

Discover IntelliChief’s Enterprise Automation Solutions for Faster Workflows

At IntelliChief, we designed our robotic process automation solutions to work at multiple levels of your organization (an approach known as enterprise AI.)

With one system, you’ll be able to automate everything from accounts payable and accounts receivable to order processing and HR. A single investment, leveraged multiple ways, is the most cost-effective approach to RPA. Plus, this helps you future-proof your automation strategy, ensuring that you’ll always have the ability to scale as your needs change.

We know that every company is different – and we’re here to help you customize your approach to back-office RPA. With invoice automation tools, sales order automation tools, and other essentials, you’ll be able to start working smarter right away.

You can start with one or two processes, or transform entire departments at once. That’s the beauty of IntelliChief’s data automation solutions: how (and when) you want to scale is entirely up to you. Any rules-based business process is fair game – and we’re here to help.

To learn more about our enterprise AI software, contact us today.