Automating HR File Management for Capture and Security

Now available: Human Capital Management, a review of marketplace capabilities in automating HR file management for capture and security. It’s created by IntelliChief, a leader in enterprise content management (ECM), committed to enhancement of employee and contractor file management.

Being a part of Human Capital Management of your organization comes with numerous tasks and responsibilities. Often there are software applications and systems put in place to help manage the information related to your employees throughout their lifecycle. Whether it’s your main HRIS application, or a complementary solution for Application Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management or Payroll, these systems are critical to your organization’s success in managing employee data.

With these systems, does your organization fully utilize the abilities of creating electronic employee files, or instead manage employees’ files in paper format? You’ve probably noticed it’s the paper practice that leads to a lack of security, compliance and access.

With IntelliChief, your HCM department can capture and store employee files electronically, allowing you secure and immediate access when needed. IntelliChief ensures compliance related to securing confidential employee records while enhancing the level of internal service, providing convenient desktop and mobile access to research questions or requests. With the ability to integrate IntelliChief into your HRIS application, up-to-date accuracy is maintained between databases, leveraging your true, secure system of record for employee information.

Benefits include:

– Eliminating paper filing and storage, reducing the risk of lost employee files, gaining visibility to required documents that have not been captured, maintaining instant access to information

– Doing away with paper filing cabinets and costs of offsite/remote storage, maintaining compliance with document retention policies

– Time savings through automation, securing confidential information, visibility, control, and

– Compliance with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning.

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