Automating AP Processing Info Inflow

Tim Nissen | Automating AP Processing Info Inflow.

“Streamline business processes and driving automation in Accounts Payable entry.”

That’s an attractive entree to the end results: a 50% reduction of invoice processing costs, and a 75% Purchase Order-based invoice straight through processing achievement.

The starting point is automating AP processing info inflow. A front-end program for extraction, validation and processing of data from documents that originate in paper and electronic format. Classifying key information for business processes, facilitating entry into your enterprise content management’s archive, workflow and your ERP-line of business systems.

Ultimately, it’s about reducing costs and accelerating document processing efficiencies. Reducing labor-intensive document handling and error-prone manual data entry, streamlining business processes and driving automation in a documentation-driven area: Accounts Payable.

This brief demonstrates how you and your team can add this capability – //