Automated Accounts Payable Solutions – Invoice Processing & Vendor Payment Software from IntelliChief

IntelliChief’s automated accounts payable solutions can help you modernize your AP department. Our software is designed to work hand-in-hand with your accounting program, completing repetitive tasks and syncing your Accounts Payable data.

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process, From Purchase Order to Payment

IntelliChief is designed to simplify even the most time-consuming Accounts Payable workflows. Our solutions eliminate manual data entry and document processing, allowing you to:

Lower Accounts Payable Processing CostsLower your costs

It often takes an entire team to collect a company’s invoices, confirm that they’re correct, resolve errors, and schedule them for payment. Our software can do this manually, for any number (or format) of invoices. Your employees only need to get involved when there’s a discrepancy. (You can also put a complete stop to late fees and duplicate payments.)

Increase accuracy

Avoid Errors in AP

Your Accounts Payable information needs to be 100 percent correct, 100 percent of the time. But when you’re processing invoices and issuing payments by hand, it’s easy to make mistakes. Our AP automation solutions eliminate data entry errors, while giving you real-time access to your most important business information.

Speed Up the Accounts Payable Cycle

Save time

Your suppliers expect to be paid in a timely manner – and many even offer incentives for it. But if your invoices are getting lost (or take too long to be paid), your company is missing out. IntelliChief makes the Accounts Payable process as simple – and fast – as possible. Not only will you work more efficiently and capture more early payment discounts, but you’ll also free up your employees for other initiatives.

The bottom line? Our solutions can make a major difference. Most of our customers achieve a full return on their investment in one year. There’s so much potential for meaningful change – and it’s all driven by automation.

Automated Invoice Processing

Managing your supplier invoices is no easy task. It’s also one of the areas where automated accounts payable solutions can make the biggest difference.

The APQC estimates that companies need 4.8 accounting employees for every 1 billion in revenue that they collect. But it’s not just a matter of having enough employees – it’s making sure that everyone is working together efficiently.

As invoices are processed, they change hands (and departments) over and over again. If one employee is out of the office – or a document gets lost the shuffle – it’s easy for the entire process to come to a halt.

IntelliChief is a much better solution. Our automated invoice system that keeps everything running smoothly. Electronic invoices go straight into the processing queue, and hard-copy invoices can be scanned in in seconds.

From there, you no longer have to sort your invoices and send them to the correct processors.  There’s no more manual keying of invoices, as our OCR solutions read each invoice and creates the voucher in your ERP. Non-PO invoices can be immediately routed to employees with the authorization to approve them, and PO invoices can be routed to the employees who are responsible for the corresponding account. You can even assign GL codes to your AP invoices without having to log in to your accounting system.

IntelliChief can also automate your two- and three-way matching process. Our software can retrieve each invoice’s corresponding purchase orders and receipts, then compare each line item and confirm that the charges are accurate. If something requires a processor’s attention, we send out an instant notification. Otherwise, your invoices can be processed straight through.

Automated Invoice Payment

Once your invoices are approved, IntelliChief can create vouchers and schedule payments in your ERP.

Our software communicates with your accounting system (be it JD Edwards, Infor, Oracle, or anything else). This lets you synchronize your data, without having to manually enter it into each of your different business programs. When scheduling each invoice for payment, IntelliChief can even check each vendor profile for early payment discounts, helping you save even more money without even trying.

Automated AP Reporting

IntelliChief can help with more than just your day-to-day accounts payable workflows. We make it easy to track and review your company’s spend, as well as your AP department’s performance.

Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

Our Analytics platform can show you:

  • How many of your invoices are processed without an employee’s intervention
  • What percentage of your Accounts Payable data is automatically collected and verified
  • What percentage of invoices (and from which vendors) require exception handling
  • Where delays are impacting your supply chain
  • What amount you’ll need to accrue for your upcoming financial period

You can use these reports to get better insight into your current cash flow, and even for financial forecasting. (For cross-departmental benefits, IntelliChief can help you automate your financial workflows as well.)

Any time you complete an Accounts Payable workflow, our software creates a comprehensive record. It makes note every time an invoice is captured, viewed, or edited, and creates a paper trail of all your approvals. It also ensures that your transactional information is only accessible to authorized users. This makes AP audit preparation – and regulatory compliance – easier than ever.

See How IntelliChief’s Automated Accounts Payable Solutions Can Transform Your AP Department

Changing your long-standing accounting processes is easier said than done. But more and more companies are taking part in the digital transformation – and collecting the benefits.

At IntelliChief, we’ve helped hundreds of companies improve their Accounts Payable cycle. We can create a customized automation strategy to meet your organization’s unique needs.

To learn more, contact us today. Or, request a custom demo, and schedule a time to see our solutions in action.