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How to Determine Your Cost to Process a Single Invoice

Does your organization know how much it costs to process a single invoice? At first glance, this figure might seem too granular and specific to be of any value. After all, your organization probably understands the difference between its revenue and expenditures. But upon closer inspection, determining your cost to process a single invoice can […]

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Invoice Processing

Businesses around the globe process billions of invoices annually. As the process of purchasing materials and goods is refined and streamlined, this volume is only increasing. In fact, recent studies suggest that the volume of invoices received is likely to quadruple over the next decade. For this reason, many businesses are eager to automate invoice […]

Who Should You Include in the Enterprise Software Selection Process?

In an increasingly technology-dependent world, change is always on the horizon. Your organization has spent years, possibly even decades, working diligently to achieve success. Your people, processes, and customers are a direct result of your organization’s ability to adapt and thrive, but when the playing field is no longer level, it’s time to innovate before […]

Improving Collaboration in a Multi-Location Office

That deadline is tomorrow? Wait — John was supposed to be working on that! Nothing causes your heart to drop quite like realizing a soon-to-be-due project has fallen through the cracks. That said, keeping everyone up to date is easier said than done, especially in companies where different departments work in different locations. Multi-Location Offices: […]

How to Avoid Unforeseen Human Resources Costs

Is your organization looking for a way to reduce HR costs and improve productivity? There are many unforeseen Human Resources costs that businesses fail to account for. Everything from failing to upgrade your HCM system to utilizing a paper-based filing system can leech time and money from your HR department. If you want to cut […]

What Is a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)?

How do you manage the data generated throughout your organization? Many companies utilize various systems of record to help store and manage this information, but it’s less often that these systems are truly integrated to facilitate data-driven decisions. For this reason, many organizations are moving toward a single source of truth (SSOT) model. Unifying Data […]

3 Tips for Dealing With an Increasing Accounts Payable Invoice Volume

Are your Accounts Payable queues overflowing with invoices? You’re not alone. Many businesses have trouble keeping up with high invoice volume, and this problem is only compounded when that volume starts to increase. This article discusses five tips for dealing with an increasing Accounts Payable invoice volume. Don’t let high invoice volume overwhelm your team! […]

Is a Paperless Accounts Payable System Right For Your Business?

Accounts Payable is often viewed as a cost center, and it’s not because AP controls the money leaving your organization. You can’t overlook the cost of doing business (and the cost of doing business inefficiently), either. If your AP department is unable to process vendor payments in a  timely manner or mismanages your cash flow […]

How Does a Content Management System Work?

Your organization’s content is the linchpin of its success. This content, comprised of invoices, sales orders, onboarding forms, employee files, interdepartmental correspondence, and more, is the fuel that drives your business forward. Without a reliable way to manage this content, such as a content management system (CMS) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, information cannot […]

The 7 Components of ECM

You’ve decided that your organization needs to make a change to get faster, more competitive, and less resource hungry — and you want to start by eliminating paper. But where to start? For many businesses, the answer is Enterprise Content Management (ECM). But what is Enterprise Content Management? And what do the various components of […]

Document Management vs. Content Management: Which Is Right For Your Business?

Large, complex organizations use many systems of record to maintain and manage information. As new documentation enters a company, it must be processed in an efficient manner to ensure that business is fluid and revenue is trending upwards.  Invoices, sales orders, employee files, bills of lading…the work of processing documents is never done. Fortunately, there […]

Everything You Need to Know About JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2.5

On November 4, 2020, Oracle announced the release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2.5., focusing on digital transformation, user experience, system automation, security, and open platforms. As an Oracle Gold Partner, IntelliChief is proud to offer full support and seamless integration capabilities with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and our industry-leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform to […]

What Is Digital Procurement?

According to Accenture, “the procurement organization has been largely left behind in the digital revolution.” While this may be true in some respects, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that digital procurement can’t be achieved through the use of existing technologies such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which consolidates several core business technologies to provide real-time insights, […]

Digitizing the Supply Chain

In the world of logistics, ports and firms that have been reluctant to invest in digitizing their supply chain have found themselves at a decided disadvantage as they tussle with clunky, time-consuming processes that increase clearance times and decrease revenue collection. The logistics industry is large and complex. It is highly dependent on cooperation and […]

What to Look for in ECM Warehouse Management Solution Providers

Warehouse operations are comprised of numerous processes, including receiving, put away, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. If your organization is heavily reliant on products and filed assets, these operations are crucial for delivering excellent customer experiences and fulfilling your obligations to the customer every time they invest their dollars into your products. The best way […]

4 Tips for Going Paperless

There are many benefits of transitioning to digital paperwork but going paperless is not as simple as making a pledge to stop using paper. Going paperless requires an investment in technology and a close relationship with a vendor that can provide the tools and knowledge to help your organization eliminate its reliance on paper. This […]

Procurement Automation, Payments Automation, and Accounts Payable Automation: Determining the Right Solution for Your Business

As the United States transitions into 2021 with a full head of steam and the burden of 2020’s unique challenges, it has become apparent that organizations are facing an uphill battle. Industry leaders and analysts agree that automation has become a top priority to not only improve efficiency but also become more resilient. For most […]

7 Machine Learning Uses for the Back Office

Machine learning is transforming the way that companies do business. But there’s no “standard” approach that’s right for every organization. Some companies are using AI to improve their manufacturing processes, while others are focusing on back-office administration. If you’re trying to decide how – or where – these technologies make the most sense for your […]

OSHA Record Retention Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a part of the United States Department of Labor formed by the OSH Act. They govern the health and safety of certain public sector employers and workers as well as the majority of private sector businesses. OSHA is oftentimes perceived as a pest in high-risk industries like […]

Electronic Personnel Files Best Practices

Your workplace records policy plays an essential role in helping your business maintain compliance with federal and state laws and regulations governing employee file access, retention, and security. If you’ve ever had a brush with the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), then you fully understand the importance of a reliable workplace records policy. That said, […]

How Electronic Employee Files Support Human Capital Management

Your business is committed to enhancing customer relations by creating better customer experiences. Does this philosophy hold true when turning the spotlight on your business and the way it handles employee file management? It doesn’t end with onboarding. As businesses grow and evolve, their needs change, as do the needs of their employees and contractors. […]

Overcoming Paper-Based Customer Service Challenges

Businesses need customers to survive. No matter how good your product is, if you can’t serve your customers’ needs in an efficient manner, there’s no guarantee that they will remain loyal to your business. All it takes is ONE small mistake or slip-up to turn a 5-star customer into a 1-star review.   High-quality Customer […]

10 Enterprise Automation Statistics for the Cost-Conscious Executive

  For business leaders, it can feel like the goalposts are constantly being moved when it comes to Enterprise Automation. Innovation is at an all-time high, which means new features, functions, integrations, and products are always on the horizon. A quick search online might yield dozens of potential vendors. Due diligence could take weeks, even […]

How Businesses Can Address the Automation Skills Gap With a Team-First Approach

There is a significant skills gap with automation, one that must be confronted head-on to address deficiencies that could threaten your digital transformation. According to Forbes, “63 percent of business leaders believe the pressure to reduce costs will require their organizations to use AI in the next five years,” which means the clock is ticking […]

3 Reasons the Enterprise Automation Buzz Is Building

Automation was once viewed as the future of technology — then it became a reality. Today, automation has been scaled up and down to meet the daily challenges of organizations spanning countless industries across the globe. If you’re still in the camp that believes Enterprise Automation is just a trend, it might be time to […]

Clearing the Air: Let’s Talk Enterprise Automation Myths and Misconceptions

  What Is Enterprise Automation? Enterprise automation expands the concept of departmental or “office” automation and applies it to the enterprise at scale. It places a strong emphasis on automating all aspects of the enterprise that can benefit from faster, less error-prone, and more streamlined processes, such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Human […]

10 Ways Enterprise Content Management Supports Your Digital Transformation

  What Are Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions? The advantages of an Enterprise Content Management system can help your business gain a distinct competitive advantage. From the moment documents are captured and digitized, your business becomes significantly more productive and cost-efficient. Here are ten unique ways ECM benefits businesses: 1. Imaging Document imaging allows your […]

4 OCR Advantages That Help Businesses Rise Above Their Competitors

Has your company implemented a plan to start its digital transformation? When you transition to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), you must also convert your paper documents into digital copies. But how do you do that? Learn more about the advantages of optical character recognition (OCR) in this article. At this point, unless you work for […]

Why Enterprise Data Analytics Is the Key to an Insight-Driven Enterprise

  Businesses that rely on intuition alone will never have the same level of insight as their competitors that allow data to drive their most important business-related decisions. Plotting your growth strategy requires vast quantities of relevant data sourced directly from your business. What good are models and predictions when the data being utilized to […]

4 Benefits of Business Process Automation in the Workplace

  According to a recent Harris Poll survey, Accelerating Automation: How Businesses are Adapting to a Post-COVID World, “92 percent of business leaders agree that to survive and flourish, companies must enable digital channels and process automation in the workplace.” As a business leader, your reasons for automating your company will differ drastically from those […]

Why Your Company Should Consider Going Paperless

Information is the heartbeat of an organization. Businesses need to manage and distribute information related to all of their departments’ business processes. This list can be long, as it typically includes Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources, Legal, Operations, and more) and may need to be compliant with Sarbanes Oxley or HIPAA. If the circulation and […]

Why IntelliChief Is the Clear Choice for Enterprise Content Management

IntelliChief is the clear choice for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), helping you meet your ROI requirements while streamlining and automating your company. Users can create, capture, manage, archive, retrieve, and distribute mission-critical documents directly from their PCs, eliminating the need for storage facilities, fax machines, copiers, and paper files. As the industry leader in Enterprise […]

What to Look for in an ECM Provider

Understanding the costs and return on investment involved in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is important before deciding on a software vendor. It’s important to consider the following factors when choosing an ECM provider: Integrates With the Existing ERP System Finding an ECM system that is engineered to unite with your existing ERP system […]

The Hard and Soft Dollar Savings of Automation

In theory, making a case to automate your company shouldn’t require much justification at all. Businesses that automate are faster, leaner, and less susceptible to interruptions. Not only do they benefit by pleasing their customers and employees alike but they also save critical dollars that can be used to future-proof their businesses for years to […]

3 Reasons Why the Software Implementation Phase Will Determine the Long-Term Success of Your Automation Project

  “Since the software implementation ended, we’ve literally never used it,” sighs an Accounts Payable Supervisor for a chain of Midwest manufacturing plants. He sits back in his chair as his eyes slowly rise towards the ceiling. “We purchased our current solution six months ago because it checked all of our boxes. Unfortunately, we have […]

What Are the Consequences of Canceling an Automation Project?

  Business interruptions tend to pop up at the least opportune times. In early 2020, Americans were on track to reap the benefits of the strongest economy in the history of our country. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly swept in, erasing years of economic progress since our country began to rebuild following the Great Recession. […]

Is Backup Software the Next Big Thing? Or Does the Technology Already Exist?

  Advanced Market Analytics (AMA) recently published a comprehensive research report detailing the global backup software market.  At more than 200 pages, it is a daunting read that explores the nuances of the burgeoning market; however, it fails to mention that backup software has already been available under a different name for many years. Software that […]

How Content Intelligence Supports Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Digital transformation. It’s a phrase that seems to be tossed around more and more these days; however, despite its burgeoning popularity, it’s somewhat of a misnomer when examined through a critical lens. In today’s unpredictable business climate, companies don’t just need to transform, they need to evolve in order to adapt and thrive. The digital […]

Maintaining Business Continuity With ECM During the 2020 Hurricane Season

IntelliChief, the leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, urges businesses to prepare for the upcoming 2020 hurricane season in order to maintain business continuity and ensure the protection of all business-critical data. According to The Weather Company, an IBM business, “The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be more active than usual.” Dr. Todd […]

Ready to Automate Your Company? Follow These 5 Steps to Get Started

If you didn’t start planning your automation strategy before the end of 2019, you’re already lagging behind your competitors. In many industries, business automation is inevitable. Outdated processes inundated by years of stopgap solutions leave companies vulnerable when key employees depart the company. Specialized knowledge doesn’t always make a smooth transfer from one generation to […]

Covid-19 Raises New Health Concerns About the Use of Paper in the Office

Whether as an individual, a business, or an enterprise, there are already innumerable reasons to reduce or eliminate your reliance on paper. Paper can be harmful to the environment, inefficient in the office, and incompatible with the global shift towards digital business. However, despite virtually every sign indicating that the time to go paperless has […]

In the Midst of the Covid-19 Crisis, Companies Are Accelerating Efforts to Go Paperless

IntelliChief, the leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), discusses the distinct advantages of working in a paperless office while detailing top businesses that have reinforced their commitment to “go paperless” to help them contend with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Note: This article references information that was originally reported by Katey Pigden of Money Marketing. As […]

Why You Should Go Paperless During a Business Crisis

There’s nothing easy about the times we are living in. The economy is locked in a downward spiral that threatens our very way of life, and the stock market continues to spike erratically from all-time highs to all-time lows leaving even the most acclaimed marketing gurus with little idea as to how long (or how […]

4 Common Matching Issues for Major ERP Systems

  Is there anything more frustrating than footing the bill for a fraudulent or inaccurate invoice? For years, business owners have struggled to give their Accounts Payable (AP) departments the tools they need to prevent invoice processing errors related to manual data entry, duplicate invoices, and faulty exception handling — and it’s starting to take […]

7 Benefits of Enterprise Automation for the Construction Industry

Whether you’re a project manager, general contractor, or developer, you understand that successful projects are fueled by the contracts between the various parties involved both on and off the project site. You can’t afford to make payments to a general contractor or supplier without a sound agreement in place. It’s simply too risky. Unfortunately, with […]

IntelliChief Releases Version 5.0

IntelliChief Version 5.0 is now available – and full of upgrades that will help you manage your content more efficiently. The latest version of our software includes a new Retention Manager module for automatic lifecycle management, expanded no-code workflow automation capabilities, and upgrades to the solution’s document capture and indexing functionalities. IntelliChief Retention Manager: An […]

Reduce Your Operating Costs With Process Automation

The cost of doing business has been increasing every year – and not by just a few percentage points. Some experts calculate that operating expenses double every 14 years. This makes it increasingly hard to stay competitive. Of course, as industries change, new tools emerge. Businesses have a number of ways to reduce their operating […]

5 Ways to Make Your Back-Office Shared Services Center More Productive

Back-office procedures are a challenge for every business. However, the larger the organization, the higher the likelihood of duplicated processes – and the higher the need for efficiency. Shared services can help streamline back-office administration, offering a centralized option for accounting, HR, customer service, and other functions. That said, companies still need to optimize their […]

Improving Your Shared Services Strategy With Automation

If your shared services strategy doesn’t include automation, you may be using too many resources on repetitive tasks. After all – the goal of a shared services center is to increase efficiency – so why is your staff spending valuable time on processes that can be easily handled by a computer? How Strategic Shared Service […]

AI in Accounting: How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology Has Changed the Industry

Corporate accounting has long been driven by standard policies and procedures. But today, forward-thinking companies are updating their processes through automation. Modern advances in AI have made accounting faster and less error-prone – not to mention easier to scale. These advantages are part of the reason why – according to Forbes – a number of […]

5 Ways to Speed Up Customer Order Processing

Customer order processing is incredibly time-consuming. When you’re dealing with hundreds of orders at a time, it’s easy to feel like there’s no end in sight. That said, there are quite a few ways for you to speed up operations. For instance, you can: 1. Standardize Your Order Forms If you take online orders, your […]

Improving Your Order to Cash Cycle in Oracle

Your order to cash cycle determines how quickly you process your orders, how soon you get paid, and how much money you can re-invest in your business. A long cycle is a sign that you’re not operating as efficiently as possible. This can be frustrating – especially if you’re already using Oracle to manage your […]

How Does Your Sales Order Processing Procedure Measure Up?

Every company has its own approach to sales order processing. Some start working on sales orders the second they come in. Others collect and distribute orders in batches once or twice per day. Those orders can then be routed electronically from one department to the next, or they can be moved through manually. So: how […]

How to Organize Your Accounts Payable Files

For most companies, managing the immense amount of paperwork required to keep a business running is a daily challenge. If your Accounts Payable department has grown accustomed to missed deadlines, lost early payment discounts, and unnecessary stress, it might be time to look for a solution that helps your team work smarter, not harder. However, […]

5 ECM Benefits You Can Achieve Within a Year

If you’re considering an enterprise content management system, you probably have an idea of what it can do for your business. But have you wondered just how quickly you’ll start to see a change? Companies usually see the benefits of ECM starting on day one – and continue to enjoy them well into the future. […]

What to Expect When You Transition to a Paperless Accounts Payable Process

If you’re thinking about adopting a paperless accounts payable process, you probably have questions. How much is it going to cost you? What’s is it going to mean for your day-to-day workflows? When will you see a return on your investment? At IntelliChief, we’ve helped hundreds of companies automate their Accounts Payable workflows. If you’re […]

Best Practices for Paperless Accounting

In recent years, more and more companies have transitioned to paperless accounting departments. You’ve probably heard plenty about the benefits – and the promise of improved cash flow has you intrigued. But what about the potential downfalls? It’s much more likely that you’ll experience significant – and immediate – benefits when you move away from […]