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How to Conduct a Remote Audit

Most audits are conducted on-site, not because it’s practical or convenient but because it has become customary over the years. Since the dawn of accounting, in-person audits have become a facet of doing business that we begrudgingly accept. In fact, most companies conduct internal audits to be 100 percent certain that they are maintaining compliance […]

How to Improve Asset Turnover Ratio With Sales Order Processing Automation

Getting more products out the door more quickly lets you maximize your assets. It’s a universal objective shared by everyone from Finance to Operations — and it’s your competitors’ objective, too. Everyone knows you need to spend money to make money, but determining exactly how much revenue each asset generates can be a challenge. Fortunately, […]

Is an Invoice Management System Right for Your Business?

If you were to ask 100 companies if they would like to reduce their invoice processing costs, there is a high probability that 99 of them would say “yes.” And the one that says no? They’ve probably started their invoice automation journey already — with a full invoice management system implemented and operable. For businesses […]

How to Get Control of Your Supply Chain Documents

The more products you buy and sell, the more supply chain documents you have to manage. There are manifests and cargo logs for outbound documents as well as receiving documents for inbound shipments — and that only begins to scratch the surface. It never stops, which is why many organizations seek a paperless solution to […]

Is Automating Accounts Payable Processes Worth the Effort?

According to the Institute of Finance & Management, 61% of top global companies have implemented Accounts Payable (AP) automation. But this movement hasn’t come without challenges. The main issue? Money. When a CFO looks at potential expenditures, they need to know how each one will impact their bottom line. And it’s not just the immediate […]

Regulatory Compliance Tips for Your Company Documentation

Regulatory compliance takes major effort — and that effort often spans an entire organization. Everyone in your company, from your CEO to  Accounts Payable Director, IT Director, and every employee under their management, is responsible for doing their part to maintain compliance. Of course, we trust that our hard-working employees are satisfying their end of […]

3 Technologies That Yield Significant HR Cost Savings

Maintaining efficiency in Human Resources can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Many of those repetitive, time-consuming HR-related tasks that your team loathes can be automated to give your experts more time to focus on hiring and growth. After all, those are the most valuable functions of Human Resources. Organizations that are serious […]

How to Achieve a 50 Percent Reduction in Invoice Processing Costs

Did you know that, on average, companies that utilize Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software in their AP department report a 50 percent reduction in invoice processing costs? Furthermore, by leveraging their ECM platform’s AP Automation capabilities, many achieve straight-through processing (STP) rates of 75 percent or more when processing PO-based invoices. These savings boil down […]

Improving Your Accounts Payable Audit Procedures With Automation

Accounts Payable audits. Even if you’re prepared for them, you still dread them. There are always more Accounts Payable audit procedures than you plan for, and they tend to be incredibly costly, too. Even though you can’t avoid them, you can automate the prep work, making it so that your Accounts Payable team no longer has to […]

5 Ways to Improve Human Capital Management With ECM

Human Resources and Human Capital Management are among the most document-intensive areas of your organization. For the employees working in your HR department, the amount of documentation flowing into your organization can feel truly endless. Everything from employee applications to contractor 1099s need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently — and there’s always more […]

Accounts Payable Automation 4-Way Matching

Accounts Payable Automation is a powerful tool for any organization that finds itself processing a large volume of transactional information on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to identify the nuances (and potential nuances) of their AP process. Matching a PO to an invoice and receipt is a relatively simple process to automate, but […]

Accounts Payable Straight-Through Processing Cost Savings

The IntelliChief Capture Enterprise for AP Invoices solution allows your business to take advantage of Accounts Payable straight-through processing cost savings. It was designed from the ground up for organizations looking to automate their AP processes from start to finish. With IntelliChief, your company’s goals of eliminating manual ERP data keying, invoice matching, and voucher […]

Automating the Purchase-to-Pay Process

You have to spend money to make money, which is why Accounts Payable has long been considered the crux of an organization’s operational capabilities. Automating the Purchase-to-Pay process is one of the most effective measures SMEs and large enterprises can take to streamline Invoice Processing, improve vendor relations, and eliminate tedious, manual tasks. Below, we […]

Streamlining Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash

Streamlining purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes is at the top of every organization’s to-do list. The P2P and O2C cycles are rife with inefficiencies that can be addressed with the right technology, especially when these processes are paper-based and highly manual. In this article, we detail the story of one IntelliChief customer whose severe paper overload […]

3 Reasons to Automate Your Human Resources Department

In 1893, an economist by the name of John R. Commons was the first to use the term “human resource.” He scribed the term into a book titled “The Distribution of Wealth.” Over a century later, it has become clear that this was a fitting name for the first text to mention humans as a […]

The ROI of AP Automation

To get your company on board with an AP automation project, you need to show a clear ROI. Thankfully, it’s an easy case to build. Cost savings typically average 80 percent – and most companies achieve a full return on their investment within a single year. The Financial ROI of Invoice Automation Invoice processing is […]

Reducing Business Process Costs With Workflow Automation

When performed manually, business process costs are considerable. While companies realize these costs exist, it’s hard to precisely calculate the number of employee work hours that factor into a process that needs refinement. For those that do manage to equate hours with dollar amounts, the idea of automating these processes with Workflow Automation starts to […]

AP Automation Cost Savings

You know that Accounts Payable automation cost savings can make a major impact on your business – but do you know just how major? Let’s talk numbers. On average, companies with a manual, paper-based AP environment require 14.6 days to process a supplier’s invoice. It cost them $16.91 to do so. In contrast: Companies that use […]

National Accounts Payable Appreciation Day

IntelliChief ECM announces the creation and sponsorship of National Accounts Payable Appreciation Day, celebrated the third Tuesday of June (June 19, 2018), to acknowledge the contributions Accounts Payable (AP) professionals make toward their company’s growth by optimizing cash flow, and their utilization of enterprise content management (ECM)-driven AP automation to achieve it. History of National […]

How Logistics Uses ECM

Accounting for logistics processes and procedures is complex, and it’s common to still see physical shipping documentation sent by express service to points of receipt, including your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Customer Service departments – domestically and internationally. The manual handling of these printed documents is admittedly fraught with expense (time and money) and […]

Overcoming Business Challenges With Process Automation

Process automation can provide your organization with a number of benefits. The most notable? More productivity Faster workflows Less expensive procedures And the more you automate, the more you stand to benefit. Here’s a deeper look. The Problem With Manual Business Processes Most of the processes that keep your business running have manual traditions. While […]

Cost Savings in Logistics and Product Distribution

You move goods on a very large scale, but cost savings in logistics and product distribution can be hard to come by. Having a clear picture of your distribution operations of those goods is critical for business. But, think about many of your logistics operations are driven by paper, restricting the movement of every inbound […]

Early Payment Discounts for Increased Revenue

Early payment discounts can help your company save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars every month. Spend less on the products you need to buy, and increase your working capital. Take the money that you have sitting in a low-yielding corporate account, waiting to be sent to a supplier, and leverage it to […]

Real-World, Real Benefits: How to Reduce Accounts Payable Processing Costs

Reducing Accounts Payable processing costs has officially become a movement — one driven figurately by the ability to better allocate staff resources and literally through automating transactional information and workflows. In an increasingly competitive business climate, improving the speed and accuracy of processing has become fundamental in achieving measurable growth. Accounts Payable automation is increasingly […]

How to Connect Business Systems Without Coding

There’s always some hesitance when it comes time to adopt new technology. This is especially true in niche business units that are traditionally “low-tech.” It’s no surprise, then, that Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Order Processing departments are oftentimes the most cautious about adding new software to the mix. New technology needs to integrate seamlessly […]