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IntelliChief Releases Version 5.0

IntelliChief Version 5.0 is now available – and full of upgrades that will help you manage your content more efficiently. The latest version of our software includes a new Retention Manager module for automatic lifecycle management, expanded no-code workflow automation capabilities, and upgrades to the solution’s document capture and indexing functionalities. IntelliChief Retention Manager: An […]

IntelliChief Presenting at JD Edwards INFOCUS 19

For more than five years, IntelliChief has been a proud exhibitor of JD Edwards INFOCUS, a conference created for JD Edwards users by JD Edwards users. This year, IntelliChief was not only an exhibitor but also presented Accounts Payable & Order Processing Automation for JDE. Missed the presentation? No problem, we are offering a “make-up […]

5 Ways to Make Your Back Office Shared Services Center More Productive

Back-office procedures are a challenge for every business. However, the larger the organization, the higher the likelihood of duplicated processes – and the higher the need for efficiency. Shared services can help streamline back-office administration, offering a centralized option for accounting, HR, customer service, and other functions. That said, companies still need to optimize their […]

Improving Your Shared Services Strategy with Automation

If your shared services strategy doesn’t include automation, you may be using too many resources on repetitive tasks. After all – the goal of a shared services center is to increase efficiency – so why is your staff spending valuable time on processes that can be easily handled by a computer? How Strategic Shared Service […]

Why Automate Accounts Payable?

Not sure whether to automate your accounts payable department? Consider the following benefits: Quicker Accounts Payable Processing Times When there are fewer “stops” for an invoice before it gets out the door, you’ll experience faster processing times and increased productivity. This is true whether you have a single person managing your payables, or an entire […]

AI in Accounting: How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology Has Changed the Industry

Corporate accounting has long been driven by standard policies and procedures. But today, forward-thinking companies are updating their processes through automation. Modern advances in AI have made accounting faster and less error-prone – not to mention easier to scale. These advantages are part of the reason why – according to Forbes – a number of […]

5 Ways to Speed Up Customer Order Processing

Customer order processing is incredibly time-consuming. When you’re dealing with hundreds of orders at a time, it’s easy to feel like there’s no end in sight. That said, there are quite a few ways for you to speed up operations. For instance, you can: 1. Standardize Your Order Forms If you take online orders, your […]

Improving Your Order to Cash Cycle in Oracle

Your order to cash cycle determines how quickly you process your orders, how soon you get paid, and how much money you can re-invest in your business. A long cycle is a sign that you’re not operating as efficiently as possible. This can be frustrating – especially if you’re already using Oracle to manage your […]