Assisted Living Software Solutions for Back-Office Administration

IntelliChief’s software for assisted living & senior living communities can help you run your program more efficiently. Coordinating services and communicating with residents already gives you enough to worry about. Our tools take back-office administration off your to-do list. You’ll spend less time – and money – on data entry and document administration, and more time providing personalized care to your residents.

Automated Accounting

Our automated accounting solutions make it easy to manage your community’s finances. You can:

IntelliChief even creates comprehensive financial records for easier audits. You can quickly report on operating expenses and receivables, making the process much less stressful.

Secure Document Routing & Storage

IntelliChief gives you the ability to store and send information electronically. You’ll no longer have to print, deliver, sign, and file away each document that comes through your organization. Our software can handle all this with automated routing.

To keep your data secure, our system only allows users with specific permissions to access your files. Meanwhile, SSL technologies and directory authentications help you meet assisted living security regulations.

Contact IntelliChief to Learn More About Our Assisted Living Facility Software

At IntelliChief, we have decades of experience providing our software to companies in a wide range of verticals. This includes several leaders in senior living & retirement community management.

Whether you operate a single building or a large network of facilities, we can provide you with the customized tools you need to succeed. Our team can review your current processes and identify ways to improve, helping you speed up your workflows and reduce your document processing costs. Some customers have achieved improvements of more than 70 percent – a major contributor to their sustained success.

To learn more about our assisted living software solutions, contact us today.