AP Automation of Your Audits

AP audits: even if you’re prepared for them, you still dread them. They are always more work than you plan for – and they tend to be incredibly costly, too.

Even though you can’t avoid them, you can automate the prep work. This means that your Accounts Payable team no longer has to stop what they’re doing to find a random, years-old document that your auditor asks for. (It also means that your hourly payments aren’t wasted while you’re rummaging through filing cabinets, trying to locate your information.)

AP Automation of Your Audits

Reduce The Amount of Time Your Employees Spend Sourcing Your On- or Off-Site Records

IntelliChief Analytics now lets you automate your AP audit preparation. Everything you need to prove compliance is readily available.

To streamline things even further, you can extend access to your auditors. They can access your IntelliChief archive at a dedicated on-site workstation, further decreasing the time required per audit.

You have complete visibility into your inbound and outbound payments, and a paper trail of who authorized what. This feature even spans all of your integrated business systems, with on-demand reporting encompassing your entire environment.

Keep Your AP Audits On Schedule & Under Budget

Our multi-system-supporting business intelligence platform gives you real-time access to your documents, across each of your individual systems. Everything in your archive is organized from the get-go, and searchable by any criteria.  Say goodbye to unnecessary overages that you used to incur as you waited (and waited) for your audits to be completed.

Streamlined Audit Reporting

Of course, audits don’t end after the information-gathering stage. Whether you use internal or independent audits, they’ll still need to report on their findings.

IntelliChief makes it easy to share key data sets with your management, advisers, financiers, and investors. You can deliver reports with custom dashboards, or you can use the self-service reporting tool to let each stakeholder access what they want to see. No coding is necessary – drag-and-drop simplicity lets users visualize each audit’s results within seconds. And once reports are complete, they can be scheduled, shared, and archived in the user’s choice of electronic file format.

For more information on automating your AP audits, contact IntelliChief today. We’ll show you how to save your valuable resources for other, more important projects.