Adding Robotics to Your JD Edwards-Powered Customer Service Team

Tim Nissen | Adding Robotics to Your JD Edwards-Powered Customer Service Team.

Order fulfilment and customer relations both benefit by having readily visible account information. Access to order documentation, including open orders details and historical records, is a necessity to reduce DSO’s and maintain strong customer relationships.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) adds the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to order fulfillment. It encompasses the capture, organization and key information validation with JD Edwards, automating company process-specific workflows for updates and approvals, and archival for ongoing access.

IntelliChief ECM enables these capabilities, with seamless integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World, using RPA and AI to automate the routine and costly tasks of manual order processing. It manifests repeatable rules-based actions that will affectively move your teams away from processes that often rely on at-risk internal tribal knowledge.

If you are currently processing inbound customer orders in your JD Edwards application, this 30-minute video presentation will demonstrate how to gain the maximum amount of efficiency needed to drive down costs, improve order fulfilment and ensure customer SLAs are met.

Companies using IntelliChief report a 50% reduction in order fulfilment time. See how – view Adding Robotics to Your JD Edwards-Powered Customer Service Team (link to title)  //


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