Actively Connecting Business Systems Without Coding

Connect Without Coding

The benefits of ECM are pretty clear. There’s time savings, cost savings, customer satisfaction improvements, and improved productivity. So why isn’t every company on board?

There’s always a bit of hesitation when it comes time to adopt new technology. This is especially true in niches that are traditionally “low-tech”. It’s no surprise, then, that Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Order Processing departments are oftentimes the most cautious about adding new software to the mix.

The good news:

IntelliChief makes it easy to manage your documents electronically. There’s no need for custom coding or technological savvy.

IntelliChief Integration Link lets you connect our document management & business process workflow software to any application you already use. Within minutes, it creates a new application blueprint. From there, users can access documents and data that are stored in IntelliChief.

They don’t have to click out of their familiar ERP.  This lets them access and index documents in IntelliChief, from the technologies they’re already used to. There’s no steep learning curve, and you get to continue using the technologies you’ve already invested in. And, you don’t have to work costly professional programming into your budget.

How to Connect IntelliChief Without Coding

Through Integration Link Designer, any application can be image-enabled.

  • Open the Blueprint Designer, and open the application screen to integrate with IntelliChief
  • Select New Blueprint, and Integration Link will prompt to click on the screen in the application
  • Integration Link will recognize all the fields on the application’s screen and prompt them to link the corresponding fields in IntelliChief’s data processing profile (DPP)
  • Click to activate the blueprint, and the link’s established

This provides cross-platform usage of all information stored in each system.

Learn More About IntelliChief Integration Link

Integration Link offers premises, local, and remote/cloud-based options. You can also choose from production and custom systems. It’s a fast, user-friendly way to access & index documents throughout your entire organization. No matter what approach you choose, there’s no impact on your future ERP or business application system updates.

To learn more about actively connecting business systems without coding, contact IntelliChief today.